If man’s best friend could talk

If man’s best friend could talk

 Rex: “C’mon dead eye, I said the big black cat to the left of the target.” 

Fido: “I already said nice post, Jim. Now can we watch cat face plants on Youtube.”

 Billy jo:  “. . . a bigger dog house, and a chew toy, and a bone for Stephen too. Amen.”


Karen: “Wayne and I paint well together. He’s come along way since we got married.”

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  1. Lol! I did a post on this earlier on! Not w/ the pics. Just follow the name and it will lead you to it.

  2. That made me laugh =) those are so funny

  3. These are all funny, but I especially love the last two. The boy and his dog praying together is very cute and precious, and the artist man and “wife” photo is hilarious! HA HA! 😀

  4. Great photos and very funny too! I also love the boy and his dog praying together, stumbled!

  5. Great ones again Rob!

    Quirky Indian

  6. Loved these! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Looks like Wayne’s wife is a real ‘bitch’!

  8. It’s good to see another of your more refined and highly intellectual posts.

    Hold on…..while I crack up!!! LOL

  9. Great after a long day what a way to smile & feel good about something.Life is to short to not see the good in this. Give me more!!!!! Great

  10. We live in age has that is totally at the mercy of the disparity between information and knowledge. You are. I believe, someone who of genuinely in the pursuit of knowledge. A hard country to map, an even more difficult country to traverse. My advice: use the stars.
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  11. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.