Greenwood’s Growing January ’15

Greenwood’s Growing January 2015

Lander construction

Panera Bread

Jersey Mike’s


Chick fil A


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  1. Need Olive Garden and Longhorns or a Logan’s Steak House

  2. We need a Krispy Kreme!

  3. Sure wish something would come towards hospital nothing on that end of town

  4. A SAMs Club would be great!!

  5. I wish would get an Olive Garden also

  6. So exciting but we.still need.Target and want a Papa Murphys 🙂

  7. Can’t wait for ulta!!

  8. Would love to have something good come to the south end of town. All we have are a few fast food restaurants.

    • Maybe if fools would quit throwing their trash out on the road… might start to look inviting enough…..even saw a school bus driver stop her bus to let a damn kid throw his trash out on the road….,..

  9. Nice to see my hometown growing and getting the stores I take for granted here in Gville/Sptg…

  10. Victoria’s Secret would be nice!

  11. Home Depot and Best Buy would be great!

  12. We sure could use a Dunkin’ Donuts, an Olive Garden and a Staples.

    • I don’t think Dunkin Donuts would work. Had one once and had a home grown donut shop for a couple of years.

  13. I love that they’re coming here but on the South side let’s put a Dunkin’ Donuts, Olive Garden, & The Cheesecake Factory. 🙂

  14. An Olive Garden, Krispy Kreme, and Target would top it all off.

  15. Target, Olive Garden and Texas Roadhouse these are needed!

  16. How about some things that we don’t have? We have gas stations, Walmart, and restaurants enough to sink a battleship. We could use a mall that doesn’t fill in all the empty store alcoves with pictures. If you’re going to bring stores and restaurants to town, how about some different names so that the ones we have actually provide customer service and products? Building Publix was the best thing that ever happened for people who shop at Bi-Lo – now they help you to your car there too without whining.

  17. Krispy Kreme, IMAX, TGIFriday’s, Long John Silver’s, Popeye’s, Logan’s, Carrabba’s, another baseball team, lets try another golden corral, Best Buy, and Home Depot. 😉

  18. What about a Christian store.