Greenwood SC is a great place to live

Greenwood SC is a great place to live

Robert Stevenson Joins WeichertRobert Stevenson, Realtor on Facebook has recently started a campaign about why it’s GREAT TO LIVE IN GREENWOOD, SC.  The list so far includes, the South Carolina Festival of Flowers, The SC Festival of Discovery, Lake Greenwood, Industry Investments in Greenwood, Lander University. 

Now it’s your turn…

List your reason why “Greenwood is a GREAT place to LIVE” in the comments section to enter to win one of these AWESOME NEW GREENWOOD SHIRTS.  There’s a limited supply, and they’re not for sale. We will give away shirts to 5 lucky winners on July 10.   Greenwood, SC is a great place to Live


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Greenwood Calendar: Spotlighting What’s Great About Greenwood

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  1. Beautiful uptown gardens every season.

  2. Cynthia Robinson

    Been here all my life..seen a lot of changes..and Greenwood is just a Beautiful,Lovable Place!! Home Is Where The Heart Is!!!

  3. Sandra F. Humphrey

    Great place to raise a family. Great churches, good clean fun at our festivals, local entertainers, variety of restaurants, and somewhat multi-cultured. Everyone is friendly and helpful! Beautiful forests & a wonderful lake! Balanced life of work & play!!!

  4. Great place to live because everyone is so nice and it’s like having an enormous family so close by. I LOVE my little town. Been here my whole life and wouldn’t change a thing!!

  5. Greenwood Is a great place to live because we have citizens who believe in our town and strive each day to make it better. Industry provides the majority of our workforce but our town flourishes with wonderful schools, healthcare and small businesses. Our local festivals, parks, sports teams, music events, car shows, museums, and more are evidence of the pride we take in our small town- Greenwood, SC!

  6. Vernon W Cameron

    The people. People visiting me have said that we have the friendliest people.

  7. Greenwood is the Best place!!
    The landscapes are Beautiful! The people are friendly! Uptown Greenwood is always entertaining with Smiling faces everywhere.
    My family loves Greenwood.

  8. Just recently moved here from Massachusetts, I love the place. The weather , theone people so glad to have found a new home

  9. Greenwood Community Theater has Broadway worthy singers. We have great festivals & concerts.

  10. Greenwood is a great place to live because you never run out of places to eat! Also, personally, it became a place of peace for my family. A place of rehabilitation. Thank you Greenwood.

  11. Michael Hammett

    Enjoy a production at the Greenwood Community Theatre , then you will understand why!