125+ Short, Awesome Videos about Greenwood, SC

Watch features about the people, places, and events in and around Greenwood. Hear from city and county leaders about what’s important to you? See clips of local entertainment, glimpses behind the scenes, and peeks at what’s to come? Greenwood Calendar has all that and more. . . The channel lineup grows rather quickly, so check back often. The channel lineup is as follows: 1. A minute with the mayor, 2. Businesses, 3. Community, 4. Entertainment/Arts, 5. Features, 6. Fundraisers/Benefits, 7. Music, 8. News, 9. Profiles, 10. Theatre.


A Minute with the Mayor: Springfest – Watch out Greenville, Greenwood Rocks  WATCH

A Minute with the Mayor: Golf, Art, and Mom WATCH

A Minute with the Mayor: Burpees WATCH

A Minute with the Mayor: Crazy About Webb Wilder WATCH

A Minute with the Mayor: Festival of Discovery, Watch out Saisbury, NC WATCH

A Minute with the Mayor: May Punks Musician who does a good impersonation WATCH

A Minute with the Mayor – Oktoberfest   WATCH

A Minute with the Mayor –  Fave Band: Brown Sugar Substitute  WATCH

A Minute with the Mayor: Uptown Market  WATCH

A Minute with the Mayor – Uptown Market 2   WATCH

A Minute with the Mayor – Christmas  WATCH

A Minute with the Mayor: Man of the Year   WATCH

A Minute with the Mayor 3 – Halloween    WATCH

A Minute with the Mayor: Worst Decision Ever   WATCH

A Minute with the Mayor – Happy Thanksgiving   WATCH

A Minute with Mayor: A Look Back at 2013   WATCH

A Minute with the Mayor: City vs County  WATCH

A Minute with the Mayor – Valentine’s Day   WATCH

A Minute with the Mayor: Wizard of Oz    WATCH

A Minute with the Mayor: Kickers    WATCH

A Minute with the Mayor: Shout out to Greenwood Calendar    WATCH



Greenwood Eye Clinic WATCH

The Mill House: Feature     WATCH

Howard’s on Main: Feature    WATCH

Fin n Filet: Feature    WATCH

Aromas Village Coffee    WATCH

T.W. Boons: Feature   WATCH

Painted Giraffe: Feature   WATCH

Skateaway USA: Feature   WATCH

Palmetto Treasures: T-Shirt Warehouse    WATCH

Greenwood’s Army Navy Store    WATCH



GCCF: Help Make Greenwood Even Better   WATCH

Ward Painting Renovates Historic Train WATCH


Keep Greenwood Beautiful  WATCH

Greenwood Chamber of Commerce readies for Centennial     WATCH

Burton Center    WATCH

XLR Lander University Radio    WATCH

Greenwood Humane Society   WATCH

Greenwood’s Growing   WATCH

Greenwood Christmas Tree Lighting    WATCH

Christmas Parade    WATCH

Lander Homecoming Alumni   WATCH



Lander Art Faculty Exhibit    WATCH

Local landscape artist exhibit    WATCH

Open Mic Night     WATCH



Greenwood Genetics Center WATCH

Behind the scenes: Inn on the Square   WATCH

County Council Chairman    WATCH

Greenwood Partnership Alliance    WATCH

Music on Maxwell Season Lineup     WATCH

Uptown Live Concert Season   WATCH

Ask the Greenwood Horticulturalist   WATCH

City Manager on Uptown Construction    WATCH

Greenwood Festival Chorale     WATCH

Greenwood Food Drive   WATCH

Greenwood Topiary: A Grand Tour    WATCH



Cokesbury College Auction WATCH

Project Hope – Greenwood Humane Society     WATCH

Big Oak Rescue Farm    WATCH

Meg’s House Benefit    WATCH

Shave for the Brave      WATCH

Greenwood Country Club Tennis    WATCH



Dave Mauldin Plays Natty’s in Abbeville WATCH

Honeybone  WATCH

Local Musicians Jam at Howards WATCH

Ashby, Keller, Will at Howards   WATCH

Pearl and the Beard at Music on Maxwell   WATCH

Chris and Zay at Howards   WATCH

Zombie at the Mill House   WATCH

Jake and Ashby at Uptown Market   WATCH

Live after 5 Steven Layne   WATCH

Brown Sugar Substitute at Boons   WATCH

Mark Webb at the Mill House   WATCH

Ashby and Becky at the Mill House   WATCH

Greenwood All Stars, KofC Fundraiser   WATCH

The Colly Birds   WATCH

Music on Maxwell: Willie Sugarcapps   WATCH

Doc Brown at Boon’s  WATCH



Cameron Dorn discusses Burpee World Record WATCH

LPGA: Symetra Tour Comes To Greenwood WATCH

Inn on the Square – Interview      WATCH

Greenwood Murder Suicide    WATCH

So long Piggly Wiggly of Greenwood     WATCH

Greenwood Sherriff’s Office address violence    WATCH

Snow in one man’s yard   WATCH

Lander Film Festival Attracts Hollywood Big Wigs     WATCH

TW Boons owner throws hat in ring    WATCH

City Manager on Uptown Market    WATCH

Two time National champ goes for Burpees World Record     WATCH

Springfest  Art and Music    WATCH

2014 SC Festival of Flowers    WATCH

Coming Soon: Grace Street Park   WATCH



Interview: Jake Bartley   WATCH

Ashby Stokes Interview   WATCH

Greenwood City Fire 1   WATCH

Greenwood City Fire 2   WATCH

Greenwood City Fire 3    WATCH

Greenwood City Fire 4    WATCH

Greenwood YMCA    WATCH

Parisi Farms at Uptown Market   WATCH

Bio Way Farms at Uptown Market   WATCH



Barefoot in the Park at GCC WATCH

Charlotte’s Web Children’s Theatre WATCH

Michael Genevie: The Rainmaker  WATCH

Myra Greene discusses Grease at GCC   WATCH

Grease at Greenwood Community Theatre    WATCH

Peter Pan at Abbeville Opera House   WATCH

Lander to present Animal Farm   WATCH

It’s a wonderful life: Abbeville Opera House    WATCH

Mousetrap    WATCH

Wizard of Oz at GCC   WATCH

Belles on their Toes at AOH   WATCH

Seussical Jr: A Cambridge Academy Production   WATCH



And if there’s something you want to see, please send an email to me at gwdcal@gmail.com – subject Greenwood Calendar Videos.


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