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Green Day back and better than ever

Green DayTake a musical trip to the past and the future at the same time with Bang Bang. Green Day’s “Bang Bang” succeeds in capturing the chaos of today’s cultural climate complete with social media’s quasi critical commentaries while quenching fans’ hunger for the band’s earlier musical, like Dookie. On Green Day’s Facebook Page fan Daniel George wrote, “YES! This is the Green Day I love! Sounds a bit like a mix of their early stuff and the 21st Century Breakdown sound. BRILLIANT!”

Rolling Stone provides a 3-dimensional picture of the inspiration for Bang Bang as well as the rest13921010_10154439539324521_9014784720793061951_n of the new album Revolution Radio due out Oct. 7.  Click Radio to preorder. The article by Andy Greene,  published today, features an interview with Billie Joe Armstrong as he explores the band’s missing four years, overcoming addiction and other obstacles, their new direction, and much more. Check it out

Welcome Back Green Day! Tour Dates to be published soon.

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