Goodbye Fin n Filet; Hello J Peters Grill

Fin n Filet at 715 Montague Avenue  is closing. On August 1, J Peters of Anderson will be located there. If you are unfamiliar with J Peters:

J Peters is the brainchild of Jonathan P. Angell, who with his loyal team of misfits and fanatics has once again created a quality dining experience for the people of South Carolina. Jon Angell has been responsible for numerous successful restaurant concepts over the past ten years in South Carolina. Jon Angell is always striving to evolve and improve. J Peters is the result of that dedication to improvement.

The menu at J Peters includes some of Jon’s tried and true recipes such as She-Crab Soup and Slow Roasted Prime Rib, but also includes some amazing new flavors as well. No matter what you order from the J Peters menu, you will be overwhelmed by the extraordinary flavors and by the abundance of the portions. The philosophy of J Peters is that you don’t have have to sacrifice quality to provide a good value.

Check out J Peters HERE

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  1. J Peters also has a restaurant in Fountain Inn, not just Anderson. It is fabulous!!!

    • They also have one in Seneca, SC, and one in Lavonia, GA. There was one in Greenville, but it only lasted a few months. It was off of Woodruff Rd and not visible from the main road.

    • Can you post the menu for J Peters?

  2. Steve Boatwright

    So sad to see another local business close. People you need to shop local, chain stores do NOT keep the money in the local community it goes to home office. Search your heart and start supporting your local businesses. It’s ok to exclude the hospital if it’s elective, you can save a TON of money going elsewhere. NOT at Self $4,000 in Greenville $1,600.

  3. My husband and I are so glad that you have opened in Greenwood, S.C. We have been eating in Anderson and now we don’t have to go so far to have a Great Dinner.

  4. Nancy Stein Miller

    When do you open in Greenwood on Sunday…am bringing guests!

  5. We have not been to the new J. Peters in Greenwood but if it is anything like the one in Anderson, all I can say is AWESOME!!! We love that place. Mr. Boatwright complains us locals need to support our local businesses and I agree, to a certain extent. But if the business is poorly managed, has god awful food and service, then I am not going to give it my support or money. We will be visiting the new J.Peters real soon. Good riddance to Fin N Filet and much success to J. Peters.

    • I’ve been a few times. Everything’s awesome. Love the she crab soup, prime rib, flounder … Can’t wait to go back!