Getting ready for Hurricane Florence

Getting ready for Hurricane Florence. See Florence before she gets here – Frying Pan Tower, 34 miles off the coast of Cape Fear. 

New hotline set up for Hurricane Florence assistance: 800-451-1954

A centralized Crisis Assistance Hotline has been established to take in and manage calls for assistance in the wake of Hurricane Florence, which is poised to strike along the coast of South Carolina or North Carolina late Thursday or Friday:


This hotline is part of an effort by volunteer organizations statewide – including the South Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church – to coordinate response to those who need help after the storm.

UMCSC Disaster Response teams will coordinate their efforts solely through this hotline.

Pastors and churches are encouraged to share this information with their congregations and communities to ensure people who need help after the storm will get it in a timely manner.

******* The information above is for after the storm. This storm is changing rapidly and we hope to have a better update for you tomorrow sometime around noon. Thank you again.*******

This is literally the calm before the storm. 

There’s still plenty of time to stock up on milk, bread, and water; charge batteries, get gasoline, and be prepared to secure your pets. Expect power outages, high winds with falling trees, flash flooding, and keep away from downed lines. Check on shut-ins and the elderly. 

We here at Greenwood Calendar wish you and your family an uneventful meeting with Florence.  And as always, God be with you.

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