Fraud Alert

Fraud Alert

In the message section of my Facebook page, I received the following communication beginning at 4:49 from a trusted friend. Only it wasn’t actually my friend. It was a scammer who hijacked my trusted friend’s Facebook account.

Spam alert
Hello How are you doing?Fraud Alert
me: I’m fine. How are you?
Spam alert
Am fine doing great no complain, always thank God for life
Hope you have heard about the CDFA program going on?
me: No. I haven’t.
Spam alert
It is COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE They are compensating user’s like Citizen, workers,hearing,deaf­ ,old, young, students, widowed, Retired and people with disabilities to benefit from them financially to maintain the standard of living. they compensate me with $50,000 from there database, i think you should contact the agent in charge to claim yours do you know how to do that?
me: This is where I get off and report you!


At the top right side of the message box is a star, indicated in the inforgraphic above with a red arrow. When selected, a window appears with the last option (circled in red) labeled “Report.”
Do this if and when this happens to you. Facebook actively manages scammers.

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