Five hurt in Greenwood Apartment explosion

Five hurt in Greenwood Apartment Explosion

Five hurt in Greenwood Apartment Explosion.

Five hurt in Greenwood Apartment explosionThe Greenwood Fire Department said three adults and two children were hurt in the blast just after 2 a.m. Sunday. One man was taken by helicopter to a burn center in Augusta, Georgia.

According to Greenwood Public Information Officer Jonathan Link, “It happened at 0215 in the morning. Units 130 and 132 Independence Way were totally destroyed.” He added, “Four families were displaced by this fire. One infant was transported to Greenville Hospital yesterday afternoon with a head injury, one adult was transported to Augusta Burn Center early yesterday morning.

Investigators say the explosion destroyed two apartments and damaged a third unit. The cause of the explosion is still under investigation.

The Greenwood Fire Department posted pictures of a massive fire engulfing the building and the aftermath of the explosion and blaze. See Video.

According to Officer Link there has been no determination on the cause of the explosion at this time.

The Independence Way apartment complex, pictured below prior to the explosion, is located off of East Cambridge Avenue in Greenwood.Independence Way, Greenwood


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