Election Day Reminders

Election Day reminders


The General Election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 4th.  Below are some very important tips that will expedite your voting experience at the polls.


Photo ID Law


The new photo ID law is now in effect. Anyone who presents himself or herself to vote must show a photo ID**.

Acceptable forms of photo ID


·         SC Voter Registration Card with photo·         SC Driver’s license·         SC ID Card issued by DMV·         Military ID issued by the Federal Government (includes VA Benefits card)·         Passport (either the book type or plastic card).

**The only exception would be a voter who claims a reasonable impediment (a voter who does not own a photo ID). If a voter claims a reasonable impediment, they may vote a challenged paper ballot. The voter must present their old paper voter registration card with no photo in order to vote.


Polling Location


The polls will be open from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm. You can only vote in your assigned precinct (the name and location are printed on your voter registration card).  If you do not know where your precinct is located, simply call our office or visit the Greenwood County website at www.greenwoodsc.gov where precinct maps are available.


Sample Ballots


Sample Ballots are also available on the Greenwood County website under the “What’s Happening” section on the home page.    A list of the candidates will be posted for viewing as you enter your polling location on election day.


Referendum Questions


There will be two statewide constitutional amendment questions and a local county referendum question on your ballot. We will distribute a copy of the questions prior to issuing you a ballot. If you would like to obtain a copy of the questions in advance, simply visit the Greenwood County website or call our office.


If you have changed your address and have not notified our office:


If you are a registered voter in Greenwood County and have moved within Greenwood County, and have not changed your address with our office, you can do so before election day.  If you do not do so you may either


1 – Vote a limited paper provisional failsafe ballot at your old precinct (ballot will contain only federal, statewide, and countywide races) or

2 –Vote a complete failsafe ballot on the machines at our office. This ballot will contain all races that you are eligible to vote in.


If you requested an absentee ballot:


If you requested and were sent an absentee ballot, you will be marked absentee on the election books and will not be allowed to vote at your precinct. All absentee ballots must be returned to our office no later than 7:00 pm on the night of the election. Absentee ballots cannot be accepted at a precinct.


Voters with Disabilities:


Curbside voting will be offered at every precinct. Please notify a manager upon arrival if you have a curbside voter.


What NOT to wear in a precinct:


Please do not wear anything that endorses a candidate or a political party inside of a precinct. This includes t-shirts, pins, hats, etc. If you do, you will be asked to remove the item or vacate the premises. No political literature or political discussions are allowed inside a precinct. If anyone insists on doing so, they will be asked to refrain or leave the precinct immediately.


Election Results:


Election results will be posted on the Greenwood County website at www.greenwoodsc.gov   For statewide results visit www.scvotes.org


For more information call our office at 942-8585. Our hours are 8:30 – 5:00 Monday – Friday. The email address is absentee@greenwoodsc.gov





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