Dr. Rob for President

If you really want things done right, sometimes you just gotta do it yourself . . .

You know, if you think about it – it’s the busy folks like us that just get things done. We can alway add one more important thing to our plate without letting quality suffer.

Just this morning, I was thinking . . .  I’ve got some free time on Tuesday mornings and Friday afternoons, why not throw my hat in the ring. There’s still time for a write-in.


Click on the hat to see my new commercial.

By the way: I approved this ad.  🙂 


PS (presidential seal): If you’ve got any free time on Mondays or Wednesdays, I’m looking for a parttime Vice President.


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One comment

  1. OMG! That is sooooo great! Hahahahaha! Is there an option for Philippines Presidential candidates ? LMAO! I’ll run and make mine too. Thanks for sharing 🙂