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MEDIA CONTACT; Dale Kittles, Captain

PHONE: 864-943-8057


I know I have sent this out a couple of months ago, however we have had a several reports this weekend with several thousand dollars being sent out with a slight deviation to the scenario:

This person has called several of our citizens in Greenwood identifying themselves as a family member in need of assistance. The individual states that he was involved in some type of auto crash or was in trouble and needs a lawyer. This person would say their nose was broken so they may sound funny or different.

This person may or may not give a true name of a family member or may simply call the citizen “GRANDMOTHER” or “GRANDFATHER” saying I need help! This is done making the call appear to be legitimate. The phone call is said to be by an individual from the San Diego Police Department; however the number they are asked to call is 1-514-581-5755 which is a number out of Canada. Again as in the past they would say “Talk to my lawyer” and would then be handed over to a person claiming to be the attorney, who has identified themselves on several calls as “Bruce Cole”. This person would then direct the unknowing family member to send money, usually via a Green Dot Card and then call a number back with the card information to transfer the money to the lawyer for representation.

It is believed that the family information is obtained through social media websites.

So far to date several thousand dollars have been scammed from citizens in our area, the Sheriff’s Office encourages anyone who may receive this type of phone call not to give any information, if you should receive this call gather the information as to what agency and the family member then contact us here at the Sheriff’s Office and we can investigate to determine if the phone call is legitimate.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Captain Dale Kittles at 864.943.8057 or 864.942.8600.

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