Contestant #2

To Vote For Terri Davis’ Door, Leave Comment Below.
“Not only is my door ugly, it no longer works being propped up on two jacks. The bottom panel has been completely torn off.”

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  1. Terri has my vote expect the door is upside down!

  2. This one has my vote!

  3. I’m Voting for number 2 she needs it in a major way

  4. I vote for this one.

  5. I’m voting for this door! Good luck Mom!

  6. I’m voting for #2. She has a crazy daughter armed with a garage door eating tractor with a pet goat riding shotgun!

  7. Have to go with this one.

  8. Good luck nanny!

  9. She does need a new door! It go crushed with the tractor.

  10. I agree she needs a new door!

  11. I vote for this door it’s broken.

  12. Good luck Mrs Terrri!

  13. Vote for #2

  14. Vote for Terri!

  15. I vote for this one

  16. #2

  17. Michael Haupfear

    Voting for Ms Terri

  18. Momma Teri has my vote with door #2

  19. She needs this

  20. I vote for Terri Davis

  21. I vote for terri!

  22. Nancy Beckmann Wilson

    Terri Davis needs to win this!!!!!!

  23. I vote for #2 – Terri Davis

  24. I vote for Terri, she needs new garage door very much.

  25. I vote for Terri.

  26. The picture does not even do it justice. Terri needs a new door for sure!

  27. Deborah Rathburn


  28. Im voting for #2

  29. She obviously needs it! I vote for Terri

  30. Terri has my vote

  31. I’m voting for terri

  32. Terri has my vote

  33. Voting for Terri

  34. Gotta vote for Terri, She needs one terribly!

  35. I vote for Terri!!

  36. I vote for Terri

  37. #2 gets my vote!

  38. Sorry for the 2 votes from aj and sterling as we didn’t think they went through so it was sent again, sorry for the inconvenience.

  39. Annette Chastain

    Voting for Terri!

  40. Mrs Terri needs a new door

  41. Voting for Terri she really needs this door.

  42. Good luck Mrs. Terri!

  43. I vote for Terri

  44. Charleigh Funderburk

    Good luck guys!

  45. This one gets my vote because it reminds me so some girl I know that don’t work and the bottom won’t stay on therefore it’s always open 😉

  46. I vote for terri!

  47. Got my vote! 🙂

  48. I vote for momma Terri!!!!

  49. This one has my vote..

  50. Mercy!! Its time for a new door partner!! Love Terri Davis!!

  51. Richard Christiansen

    This looks pathetic!

  52. Looks terrible

  53. This one definitely gets my vote! 🙂

  54. I understand that they have learned how to drive the tractor since hitting the door. this one gets my vote!

  55. Terri has my vote for ugliest door! 🙂

  56. #2

  57. Mama Terri #2

  58. She gets my vote! 🙂

  59. I voted for Terri

  60. I vote for Terri!!!

  61. I vote for Terri Davis!!

  62. I vote for Terri Davis

  63. This one has my vote!

  64. This door is beyond help. It has my vote

  65. I vote for #2, Terri.

  66. I vote for Mrs. Terri! #2

  67. I’m voting for Mrs Terri too!

  68. She get’s my vote too!

  69. Terri gets my vote for a new door.

  70. Voting again#2 cause it needs it

  71. I vote for Terri Davis #2!!!

  72. Giving Terri my vote!

  73. Voting for momma T

  74. This shold be the winner!

  75. I vote for #2

  76. Voting for Aunt Terri good luck

  77. Terri gets my vote

  78. I want to vote for Mrs. Davis

  79. Good luck Terri! Best patient there is!

  80. Love Mrs Terri

  81. Natosha Jackson

    #2 of course!

  82. Maxine Sullivan

    Mrs terri!!

  83. This door gets my vote!

  84. Pretty rough! #2

  85. I’m voting for Ms. Terri!

  86. #2

  87. Ms. Terri has my vote!

  88. Voting for door 2!

  89. #2 gets my vote!

  90. Heather Zielinski

    Voting for Terri

  91. I vote for #2, Terri Davis!

  92. Terri is number 1

  93. Pulling for you Terri

  94. Voting for #2

  95. Come on Terri!

  96. #2 gets my vote!

  97. Voting for Mrs Terri!

  98. Jennifer Tumblin

    #2 for sure!

  99. Giving #2 my vote

  100. I’m voting for Ms. Terri.

  101. U need a new door real bad

  102. Terri.. Your door is ugly

  103. Hope u win the door

  104. Voting for Terri!

  105. I vote for #2

  106. I vote for #2 again. She needs a new door!!

  107. This one has my vote!

  108. Voting for Terri!!

  109. Katie Williamson


  110. This door is the worst!

  111. Elizabeth Rosser

    Voting for momma T

  112. You get my vote!

  113. Ugliest door ever

  114. Voting for #2

  115. Voting for this ugly one!

  116. Terri you have my vote!

  117. Deborah Rathburn

    #2 Has my Vote!!

  118. I vote for #2

  119. Good luck Ms Terri

  120. Voting for two

  121. #2 has to get a new door!

  122. #2 has my vote

  123. Terri you need a new door for sure!

  124. Voting for Terri!

  125. This one is bad

  126. You need a new one Terri

  127. #2 for sure

  128. Voting for #2 – this Lady (Teri) is a Saint! Any Mother that could raise “Satan’s Child” like she has and keep their sanity deserves a NEW DOOR! I’m sure she has spent most of her money on therapy after raising Jami! She really needs this door!

  129. I vote for Terri’s door!

  130. I want Aunt Terri to win!

  131. In my professional opinion this is the WORST GARAGE DOOR I have ever seen and further more it is Not reparable!!!!!

  132. #2 has my vote!!

  133. #2 I want Terri to win she is a wonderful person who really could use this door. I don’t know of anyone more deserving–and she is a sweetie too!!!

  134. This is awful. Definitely needs replacing.

  135. Terri needs a door that works!

  136. Voting for Mrs Terri

  137. #2

  138. #2 Needs it

  139. Love some Mrs Terri she deserves this!

  140. Voting for number two

  141. #2 is where it’s at

  142. Good luck Terri

  143. This door is ugly

  144. Hope I can get it to work this time Terri. #2

  145. Voting aunt Terri

  146. Mrs Davis you deserve this good luck.

  147. This one gets my vote