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Hi Rob: It’s medgirl! I love your site, very funny! I took your poll, nice one  I read your profile on blogcatalog. I liked it.  Sounds like your a great dad. Not easy being a single parent I bet. My regards to you .

From Don’t forget to take Rob’s Megaphone’s What Makes You Happy Poll, 

Dang, I like that – get the dishes clean WHILE you get your breast check-up…

I could actually see something like that selling

From Silly News 19: Surefire way to reduce the white trash in your neighborhood,

HM…I wonder if that grilled cheese sandwich which was sold on Ebay was actually Kid Rock doing a promo stunt.

From Close your eyes and see image of Jesus  

Hi Rob: Have great trip! And bring lots of pictures 

P.S. I added your link to my site.

From Atlanta: here I come 

I am praying so much for the family. Let’s all continue to pray for them.

From Tragedy for Steven Curtis Chapman’s family

lol omg, i DO use this stuff all the time! not really. but yes, as a professional writer/editor, I do try to be careful with my email vocabulary, (not to mention my e.e. cummings-esque preference for a lack of capitalization). I agree with everything folks are saying about the sadness of this erosion of our language… but… I do think language is meant to evolve. Do I hope to see lol in “regular” writing – not unless it’s a novel about chat, but do I hope we can agree on the proper way to cite a Web site or e-mail (i.e., is it E Mail, email, e-mail, etc., etc.) sometime in the next few years. Likewise as far as “regular” text goes, well that’s changing too, isn’t it?

Just as folks are reading more blogs and texts than novels and newspapers (for better or worse, it’s happening), so too is what’s “normal – changing, again for good or bad.

Two other quick points:
1) I will say I started paying much closer attention to the way I use language online when the then 8-year-old son of a man I was seeing got an email address. Suddenly, I typed in complete sentences, with correct punctuation and capitalization. I guess if bad grammar was the worst a child saw online….

2) When I was dating and trying online dating sites, too many “alots” or similar grammar errors that aren’t just typos or emoticons and I was outtie. so to speak!

great post!

From Online slang: fad or here to stay? | 

The longest place name in the world is from New Zealand. It’s a maori name for a hill: Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu
Just some information.

From The longest word in the world!!!!!!!!!

Hello Robert,
I found you at Blogcatalog. You have a very interesting blog. But um………you are not new to blogging anymore (stealthily looks at the stats).

I read about your Reddit tips at BC. Thanks much for those.

Keep it up!

This is so inspiring I admire your work. Remember I told you about wanting to put up some personality development school or English training course for people out here to at least be able to express their thoughts? I think I can’t do it with all the moving I have to do. But I wish I can someday but now would be the best time really. If you are interested maybe you can still look it up. I need a mentor maybe you can be mine help me improve my English. Honestly, I think I write like Yoda, poor construction.

From Meme: Passion Quilt

Working with enthusiastic students who love to learn is most definitely a treat!

Your meme exemplifies the many benefits of being a teacher. Not only do our students gain knowledge from us, but we as teachers gain so much for them as well. Our profession provides us with the opportunities to meet outstanding individuals, share our experiences with them and perhaps leave a lasting positive impression for them to model. Your involvement and passion for your work shows in every photo and in every word in your post. I feel fortunate to have “cyber” met you and hope that with this meme our “connected message” will travel the world. Thank you.

From Meme: Passion Quilt

Excellent! Looks like a great group of kids

From Meme: Passion Quilt

My prayers are with the Chapman family during this difficult time.

From Tragedy for Steven Curtis Chapman’s family


Did you see that you were listed on the home page of WordPress under “Hawt Post”? That’s how I got here today. Congratulations my friend and thanks for the laugh.

Bradley |

Twenty past eight! Wow! That sounds pretty warm… I think? Maybe I better turn on the air conditioner. Thanks for the laugh!

From Silly News 18: Nothing says breaking down cultural barriers like “No Canadians please.”

No Canadians please – what a catchy slogan for breaking down cultural barriers and prejudices. They DID say please – LOL!

From Silly News 18: Nothing says breaking down cultural barriers like “No Canadians please.”

I had no idea Neil Armstrong was stylin’ in a stole when he walked on the moon. What an informative and educational post! ; )

From Silly News 18: Nothing says breaking down cultural barriers like “No Canadians please.”

excellent post and blog!!!

From Silly News 17: Who can eat the most pets?

Oh my gawd, that second pic just cracked my up. I laughed out loud…love it. This is such a fun site. You seem so alive!!! I laugh every time I come here. Good for the stress of blogging, you know!! LOL

From Silly pics: And now for more great moments in sports

I believe this post will go down in posting history as a landmark post about posting. Nice work my friend.

From The best way to get visitors to return to your blog

Rob, that’s really funny.

Isn’t it a comfort to know, as you fall asleep, that the state and its secrets are well guarded?!
From Silly Signs #33: It is Forbidden. 


SHH… its supposed to be secret! LOL I can’t believe they would post a sign about a secret like that. Too funny!

From Silly Signs #33: It is Forbidden.


Steve, re: The secret bunker. It’s a historic site dating from the 60’s or thenabouts. Can’t remember what it’s called, it’s somewhere in the UK.
Maybe do a google maps search around the Brentwood area?

From Silly Signs #33: It is Forbidden.

Thank you Robert. I have been so guilty of so much. In the future, I will try to do better without compromising style – Nards

From The best way to get visitors to return to your blog,

I feel so…. rewarded! Thank you for sharing.

From The best way to get visitors to return to your blog,

Love it! I do have to say I can’t wait till I can afford an editor though…I can read and re-read something a hundred times and there will still be some silly mistake. Doctors are always in the habit of writing in sentence fragments and using acronyms, so I would say that my writing has actually unraveled a bit since med-school.

From The best way to get visitors to return to your blog 

Great posts! I just started writing blogs on wordpress a couple of months ago, and these tips are sure to help!

Feel free to stop by my blog – – and add it to your favorites!

From The best way to get visitors to return to your blog,

Excellent advice, and an excellent post. Thanks for the tips.

Oh and to Richard McLaughlin… Well said. …or at least I’m sure it is, or I will be just as soon as I figure out what you were going on about. Lol.

From The best way to get visitors to return to your blog, 

Wonderful Ten Commandments! Here is the Eleventh: Add at least one image per post. It speaks volumes.

From The best way to get visitors to return to your blog,

I was cognizant of the utter futility in my excessive literary expressions and have ceased to utilize said disproportionate verbiage with the exception of instances where it evidently behooved my tertiary use of euphemisms and henceforth shall continue my herculean efforts, shall the Great Lord Almighty grant me the wherewithal to accomplish such a insubstantial, nonetheless uncomplicated, undertaking, I know not and have not the courage to judge with my insubstantial humans trepidation of misspeaking.

From The best way to get visitors to return to your blog, |  

Interesting stuff – many thanks.

From The best way to get visitors to return to your blog,



Good tips, thanks.

From The best way to get visitors to return to your blog

Excellent tips! I especially like the advice to keep it simple, write the way you talk, and proofread!

From The best way to get visitors to return to your blog 


Thank you so much for this valuable information. May I add you to my Blogroll?

From The best way to get visitors to return to your blog

 This is an excellent “deep links” post, as opposed to a pillar post. A deep links post brings fresh attention the previous posts you have written. A pillar post includes plenty of outgoing links to authoritative and popular external resources.

From The best way to get visitors to return to your blog

LOL I love the cop one….

From Silly Signs #32

Oh what a great fun site. I love both pics. Made me laugh out loud. I will have to follow your site on my dashboard.

From Silly Signs #32

I decided I had to find out who this witty sharp person was in the discussions. So it IS you!
This is a very cleaver post. I like it. Excellent writing as well. I will have to come back and read more. Nice blog layout and theme. Good job.

From We all know they exist, but we do not speak their names

I remember many school incidents where teachers did a good job of killing a student’s love of learning and their self-esteem. I still do remember the good ones, though (and still cringe when I think about the bad ones). I had a great 2nd grade teacher and a couple in high school We decided to homeschool.

From School Failed Alex

Hehe, poor Alex! “The sky is green – you have to believe me because I’m the teacher.”

 From School Failed Alex

Haha. That’s about half of the teachers that I’ve had. Sad…

From School Failed Alex

I LOVED this article! I am indeed a psychotherapist, but I also tutor K-12 and college level students including those on the autistic spectrum. I tutor in English! This article taught me a LOT and will definitely help in teaching others. I love the “pop” idea! It’s brilliant!

From Howdy Pop!

I can’t begin to tell you how much fun that was to read. Nice!

From Howdy Pop!

Good advice. I have had my share of writer’s block and blogging block.

From Overcoming writer’s block

That was one great post! You just made my morning!

From Silly News 16: Got my dustbuster on my dash; now eat my dust,

LMAO!!! lucker!!! good stuff

From Worlds’ best basketball shot

lol you cant ever get tired of watching that!

From Worlds’ best basketball shot

what a ridiculously awesome video! Thanks for posting it!

From Check out Sleeve Face

‘Curl Up N Dye’…Rhode Island right??
I saw this shop! Great name!!

From Silly signs #30: Come n ‘git it: used food for sale!

Alright…. The funeral/valentines has to be the best example of brain-fart marketing i’ve ever seen!!!

Before you try that one, make sure your own funeral is arranged.

Absolutely hilarious!!!

From Silly News: 14: News during the writers’ strike.

Just wanted to say great blog. Maybe we can exchange links.

From Silly Signs #31: Signs that make you go Hmmmmmmmm!, |

That hair salon is great, I wonder how awesome the owner is.

From Silly signs #30: Come n ‘git it: used food for sale!,

So funny! Thanks for the laugh today. We need them often.

From Silly signs #30: Come n ‘git it: used food for sale!

The last photograph just had me and my friend laughing for like 20 minutes! Great work, keep it up!

From Silly sign #28: I’ll take the F

I’m more worried that the driver seems to have escaped from Guantanamo Bay.

From Ain’t this is a GAS!


John Painz

That deer probably knew that guy in a previous life and was like “There’s no WAY he’s gonna hit me… you should have seen him with this elephant one time…”

From Worst hunter vs dumbest deer

Media concentration is certainly a problem, at least if you only look at newspapers, radio, and television, but can we do that in an age when internet access is fairly widespread and more and more news is delivered that way? On the internet another problem seems to obtain. Have a look at On the Media’s treatment of homophily;

From Democracy is in Danger What a delightfully warming post. It’s as though all of these animals put their differences aside during a time of need. I agree..we can learn so much from them! Thanks for sharing…

From After the tornado: can’t we all just get along 

haha thats brilliant

From Silly News 13: Must have criminal record

I want to know who wrote that ad. Somehow, I don’t think they have a job anymore….

From Silly News 13: Must have criminal record

Great post. You’re so right. I am fed up with all news and journalists that see “$” in their stories. I don’t usually watch TV or read press much but now my brother is at home and he has to be updated about everything. But what I get whole day from news reporting chanels is 10% of real issues (like politics, current news, or analysis) and 90% of murders, catastrophes and wars.
The sickest example that I observed is the story of Fritzl who abused his daughter for 24 years. It’s such a tragic story and everybody is just so interested, moreover media. To get the latest pictures of anything, having interviews with neighbors (Who are being paid enormous money because of such tragedy)… I even heard that people are taking pics of themselves in front of the house. It was impossible to escape this news and I wish I had escaped.

Something with perception of journalism is distorted. I guess they all have great teachers like you but then money change their perception and they just think it’s normal this way for the rest of our lives.

But you’re right that there are still some good ethical journalists, alas I suppose they struggle to be heard by masses.

From Journalists today: how would you grade them?

This is why the Internet is so cool. We don’t have to rely on the “Big $” media outlets for information. It’s websites like this one that bring a certain perspective to the world out there. Trust in the journalist is gained over time and reputation is everything.

From Journalists today: how would you grade them?

I love topics like this, and I completely agree with your take, and angle. I remember taking a course in college years ago (overseas) about ‘Power, and the Media’. Fascinating stuff. I guess ‘misuse of power’ is more accurate.

I think that the general public still has expectations of a higher standard, than that which is practiced. I have often times wondered if journalists feel pressed between a rock, and a hard spot. As a Registered Nurse, there were many times we felt the burdens of ethical dilemma. In other words, torn between our oath, and the finances of our employers.

From Journalists today: how would you grade them?

Thank you! “if a journalist lies to get a story he just might win the Pulitzer Prize.”

This is unfortunately the truth of the day. It’s becoming increasingly hard to find a journalist more than 2 months out of school that has an intact perspective.

From Journalists today: how would you grade them?

Great post! I get frustrated when someone starts a sentence singular and then use “their” or “them” later on. I’ve often heard people use “and myself” as a way to sound more intelligent. That makes me laugh.

I also agree with Hadyn’s comments about speaking another language, but he/she probably doesn’t know that many Americans speak Spanish as well as English.

From The problem with pronouns

I guess I can not apply because I DON’T have a criminal record. I feel discriminated against because I have a clean record and can not get that job. I scream affirmative action! I am suing!!!
Political Disgust

From Silly News 13: Must have criminal record

And you know what else is shocking? There is no control on buying rolling pins…anyone can go into a store and pick one up, right off the shelf. No ID check, no waiting period. And I can’t count how many I’ve seen in people’s homes, out in the open, no safety lock, and easy access for children.

From Silly News

I’d love to visit there one day. Andy Griffith is my all time favorite TV show. If kids watched Andy and Barney as much as we do, they’d quit watching all that other junk on TV.

From A little bit of Mayberry

I didn’t know that dogs speak English.

From Silly News 12

Where’s the automatic beer and chips dispenser? If you are going this far you might as well go the distance! LOL

From What every man wants

Very funny! Your blog is so much fun to read.

From Wanna see more really “funky” pics?

Thank you! Always nice to catch an unexpected treasure…and smile!

From The best puppet show you ever saw.

Ginormous was officially included by Merriam-Webster this past year.

From Evolving Language

Diet Water? That is hilarious!

And what is the deal with the good city of Crestwood? How could you screw that up, with that message? How embarrassing for them!

From Silly Stuff 3: Can you spell proofread?

Great site. Wow

From About…

That’s funny ! Happy 50,000th!!

From What happens in church doesn’t always stay in church : )




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