Clowning around: I’m lovin’ it

I’m lovin it
Hey, You want fries with that shake?
Seriously, just say super size it, and they’ll give you an extra large burger.
Who’s the clown now?
Hey, the sign says have it your way. My way is free.
Seriously, the hamburgler did it.
I need a happy meal.

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  1. I never did trust that guy!!!

  2. I have one of me and the clown statue dancing or something, but gosh, that was twenty-something years ago. Now you’re gonna make me go look for it.

  3. These are great! That last one reminds me of a time when my son was about three or four years old. He was in a crabby mood and mad about something while we were on a trip in the car. He was still pouting, and it was time for lunch. My husband decided to go through the drive through at McDonald’s. He asked my son if he wanted a happy meal to eat. My son replied, “NO! I want an angry meal.” 😀

  4. A hilarious photo collection. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. She really is “loving it”. Maybe a hotel afterwards is in order.

  6. Is he dating that girl kissing him? Thanks for the laugh, but he is a bit creepy…Not as creepy as the Burger King guy though.