Civic Center’s Gone; Now What?

What do you want to replace the old Civic Center?

How do you want your tax dollars spent….

Leave your comments.

I’ll take them to the County Council….


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  1. I think a new multipurpose venue should be built in its place. Just because the old Civic Center lost money in its later years, doesn’t mean a new complex wouldn’t be financially successful. Other cities such as Newberry, Greenville or Columbia are mentioned as places one could go for entertainment. I want to go to events here in Greenwood. I believe more people believe as I do. I think you are basing decisions on the opinions of the few. You want to keep businesses and industries in Greenwood. What about entertainment? Do the right thing!

    • I sure do agree with that Randy

    • Randy has shared some excellent ideas. I don’t want to have to leave the area for entertainment either. If we bring great events to this community (comedy shows, concerts, etc.), we will probably have people outside of Greenwood come to this area, which will strengthen our local economy. There are many people that I know of that drive to Newberry. If Newberry can do it, we can. Greenwood, as a whole, has so much more to offer. Brutal honesty, I do not want to go to the Greenwood County Fairgrounds and stand out in the elements to enjoy a concert. By the way, I miss having a local baseball team. Good Luck!

      • Jeanette Eidson

        We drive to Aiken, Newberry, Spartanburg & Greenville for entertainment. When driving that far we always do some shopping & dining while there. Sure would be nice to do that in Greenwood.

  2. I think a multipurpose venue would bring a lot of revenue to Greenwood. There is nowhere to go for good quality entertainment and that is what Greenwood needs-something for people to do for fun.

  3. We need something for families but also where teenagers would like to go. Maybe something like a Frankie’s fun park. A waterpark would be great but it’s only for summertime.

  4. A new multipurpose building…. As a young person I think we really need more entertainment around here

  5. I agree an entertainment venue for concert, the circus… The old civic center had great concerts and events many years ago and I think many people would enjoy that again.

  6. I think a multipurpose venue would be wonderful. I just came from a trip to Atlanta for a women’s conference and am going to one in August in North Carolina. We could hold one of these and the men’s conferences along with musical acts and local talent. There were several thousand people at the women’s show and men’s show. Do activities that appeal to the people of Greenwood County and other surrounding states. Jazz nights, rock and roll nights and country nights. We, the people of greenwood county, would love shows like this. We won’t have to go yo Greenville, Columbia, or Georgia for this experience.

  7. Faithann campbell

    A water park !! We have to drive 2-3 hours just to have fun on a hot day when there could be one right here in greenwood for a change

  8. If they don’t want to spend the money for a multipurpose venue a nice little amphitheater might be an option. This would be good for local acts, free movie nights….etc. We definitely need some local entertainment. I would rather stay in Greenwood then have to go to Greenville when my husband and I want to do something.

  9. multi purpose would be a great ides, something for everyone!

  10. Think what the Newberry Opra house has done for there small town. They have some big names that funels lots of money to there businesses. It just has to great management.

  11. Somerhing that would rival the Peace Center would be great.

  12. please make a pool there for folks