City of Greenwood: Storm Tips

As City of Greenwood residents begin the process of placing winter storm damage yard debris at the curb for pickup, some good post storm tips to remember:
  1. Place limbs at the street no greater than 6 feet in length and six inches in diameter.
  2. All trees, limbs, stumps, bushes, trash, debris, dirt and other refuse resulting from cleaning up or improving property shall be removed by the contractor, landscaping contractor, lawn care service, tree surgery company, property owner or person having the work done.
  3. Avoid placing debris piles under utility lines.
  4. Avoid placing debris piles in the road, in a storm drain culvert or blocking a sidewalk.
  5. DO NOT mix leaves with limbs and other yard waste debris. Make sure it is placed in separate piles for collection.
City residents should expect delays over the coming weeks as we expect larger than normal volumes of yard debris.

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