Caption Contest

Greenwood Calendar Caption Contest

Just leave your clever comment below, and I will award the witty winner a Chick-fil-A sandwich and cup of Starbucks Coffee. Winner will be chosen on Saturday, January 9.


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  1. “Yeah, she’s smug now, but wait till I bury her favorite toy in the back yard…”

  2. It make me smile to know I have a friend like you!

  3. Delores Kauffman

    I know she’s a cat, but it feels so good to be loved!

  4. This cats gas is worse than mine!

  5. Couldn’t have done it. Been right here the whole time!

  6. Cat, You complete me !
    Dog, Mama said I had to be nice to you ?

  7. Mom & Dad said I have to love her, too easy she’s so cuddly and soft!

  8. I must stay calm….He is only a kitty, and not the Clemson Tiger that he wishes he is.

  9. He’s my buddy, my pal, my friend..we’ll be together until the end…

  10. Who won the caption contest?