Build a blog workshop


Do you have something to say?

Do you want to share it on the web?

How can you build an audience for your blog?


There are numerous hosts. I recommend WordPress. It’s free, easy, and fun. To get started, CLICK HERE.

Here’s a post I wrote to build up a following for your blog, CLICK HERE.

Once you get started, you can join the Greenwood Calendar community of bloggers, CLICK HERE

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New Weekly Contest: Premiere Preview with Gordie. Beginning this Thursday November 2, Greenwood Calendar will sponsor a new New Weekly Contest: Premiere Preview with Gordieweekly video series and contest called Premiere Preview, hosted by Gordie Justesen. Godie, a manager at Premiere Cinema 10 of Greenwood, will share what films are coming to Greenwood each week along with interesting trivia. Each week, Greenwood Calendar will give away two free movie tickets to someone who watches and shares the video post. Also be sure to like the Premiere Cinema Facebook Page.