Breaking News: Scam Alert in Greenwood

Media release: Phone scam in Greenwood area

It has been brought to our attention at the Greenwood County Sheriff’s office, that some person calling from the number 864-321-1796 has made contact with several citizens in the Greenwood area. This person is claiming to be a deputy with the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office. This person using the name of an actual deputy assigned to our Investigation division.

It is reported that this person will call by phone and leave a message to have you contact him. He then advises that there are arrest warrants for you or a member of your family. He will then advise you have several options to resolve this situation.

  • To turn yourself into the county jail at the sheriff’s office
  • Have a deputy met you at your home for pick up and placed into the county jail
  • You have the option of paying the fine via a pre-paid debit card you can purchase at a local store.

As in the past, we here at the Sheriff’s Office have received many complaints about this type of SCAM. We try to keep our citizens informed of any and all information about scams and other crimes to try and protect our citizens. As soon as we hear of one, a new one will follow or the scammers will re-open an old one such as this.

We at the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office will never contact you via a phone call and try to get you to pay for a fine/ bond over the phone.

If you are contacted by someone claiming to be a Law Enforcement officer from any jurisdiction you have the right to get their information and follow up by contacting that agency for verification.

We, at the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office ask; if you have received this phone call not to respond but to contact us at the sheriff’s office and allow us to follow up on its legitimacy.

Please contact Dale Kittles at 864-943-8057 or 864-942-8600



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