Boston still Rocks!

Boston Rocked the Bilo Center in Greenville, SC last night. Tommy Decarlo was magnificient. Listen for yourself HERE. There was no denying his vocal prowess. Decarlo fit right in as he belted out Boston classics in true Delp-like fashion. Accompanied on vocals by former frontman for heavy metal Christian rock ban Stryper Michael Sweet, the show was a rock and roll party from start to finish. Check out the Sweet/Decarlo version of Amanda below.  Tom Sholtz, the mastermind of Boston and the only original member on this year’s tour, looked and played surprizingly like the 30 year old  rocker I saw 31 years ago just 30 miles north of last nights venue. Gary Phil was as awesome on guitar as he was instumental in pulling off a great stage production. Scholtz gives high praise to Phil for pulling much of the techy stuff together that Boston is famous for. Jeff Neal didn’t miss a beat on drums. As a drummer myself for 30 years, I feel qualified to say Neal was simply perfect. Beautiful Kimberly Dahme backed up the boys on bass and vocals; she proved to be a nice addition as well.

While I know all the lyrics to all of Boston’s tunes, I had only seen Boston one other time – in 1976 in Spartanburg SC. Thirty two years later the band has celebrated many successes (such as holding the record for best selling debut album with 17 million) and they’ve seen many challenges, the most difficult has been the loss last year of lead singer Brad Delp last year. 

A die-hard Boston fan,  I must admit I didn’t expect to be blown away because of a few less than stellar reviews. I’m pleased to report that not all reviewers know what they’re talking about. Those few who criticised the new line up were simply wrong. The fans last night, from 9 to 69 years young were on their feet, singing and dancing with cell phones a’swaying. Boston delivered on their promise: “Come on let us give your mind a ride.” While I’m a little saddened because I don’t know when the band out of Boston will tour again. They take infamously long rests between tours. One fact remains: Turn on any classic rock radio station and wait 40 minutes. You’ll hear the DJ say, “Comin up this hour another hit from Boston.”

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time! 😀

  2. Hi Rob, we met you briefly at Sticky Fingers in Greenview prior to the concert (The DeCarlo’s). We did not know prior to the concert where we would be seated. Our seats were 3rd row from the stage! Boston was amazing! I admit, I was disappointed that Styx was not opening for Boston but I must also admit I thoroughly enjoyed Lou Gramm singing some of his singles and Foreigner’s as well. A good time was had by all!

  3. boston is the best band ever.