Bio for Dr. Robert Stevenson

Bio: Dr. Rob

Bio: Dr. Robert Stevenson, president of Greenwood Calendar

Bio for Dr. Robert StevensonI started Greenwood Calendar in September 2013 to fill a void in online multimedia communications about what’s great about Greenwood and surrounding areas.

My 30+ years experience in the field of Mass Communications has afforded me many opportunities as a media professor, consultant, and professional. I welcome each new media challenge with enthusiasm and a host of practical experience. My work has earned me Lander’s three highest awards for faculty, including teaching, scholarship, and distinguished professorship. My work has been featured in newspapers, including the NY Times, as well as the South Carolina Information Highway, peer-reviewed journals, trade press, government publications, books, radio, television, and various online media.

I am motivated by the First Amendment, not only the freedom that it provides journalists, but also the responsibility that accompanies that freedom. I am further committed to the belief that it is time for news organizations to rebuild credibility by returning to their ethical responsibility of being purveyors of truth.

Named to Top 25 Communications Professors in the nation.

Outside of my profession, I love God and my family. I can’t find much new programming to watch on TV. I still love MASH, The Andy Griffith Show and Jeopardy.  I enjoy all genres of music, especially live local music.

I love Greenwood. I’m happy to live here at a time our city is undergoing so many improvements to our quality of living.