Beware of Scammers

Be careful. There’s Spammers about… I received a direct message about an hour ago (I originally ran this post in September, It just happened again) from someone whom I’m friends with. At least that’s how it appeared. It seemed suspicious, so I went to her FB page, and I saw that others were letting her know that her account was hacked. Let’s stop these fools. Here’s a transaction of our messages.

Fool: How are you ?
ME: Well. How about you?

Fool: doing pretty good. Have you heard the good news yet ?
ME: I don’t think so (already suspicious)

Fool: I got one hundred thousand dollars from the department of health and human service delivered to me by Ups men at my door step…They are helping the old,disable,retired and the youth in society, did you get yours too from them?
ME: Am I supposed to get something?

Fool: Haven’t you gotten anything yet? Because i saw your name on the list when the ups men came to deliver my money to me at my door step?
ME: Not yet

Fool: Really ? Then you need to contact the agent in charge of the money right now. Do you know how to contact George on his page to get your money or i should give you his contact here?
ME: George who?

Fool: Maxwell George Smith Sr. search for him, add and message him now that is the link to him. Add him as friend and send him a message now, his always online
ME: Call me please. You have my number

Fool:The lawyer is with the phones, Just make sure you get your tracking number and certificate
ME: Oops. Just blew your cover

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