80s Rock is my music

I just digg 80’s rock. While I love lots of musical genres, and I enjoy music from many eras, whenever I stumbleupon 80’s rock, I return to that del.icio.us decade with enthusiasm. We all have music that delivers us to a different time and place. Sometimes I’d rather hear hard rock, heavy metal, or easy listening; other times, I prefer punk/pop and Christian rock. Still on occassion,  I prefer alternative and new wave. I respect the classics in all genres. But I keep coming back to one era: the 80’s. This is my music.

What is your music?

 If you share my affinity for the 80’s, check out my vodpod (right sidebar) or http://rstevenson.vodpod.com/pod/category/278985/VideoCategory.24940

I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. I love 80’s hair metal. I listen to Hair Nation on Sirius every single day. I love it!

  2. Got Hair Metal set in my car too. I just added Europe to my vodpod too.

  3. The good old days. Rock is my favourite type of music, I’ve seen numerous bands – Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, ZZ Top etc etc, but Zepplin are still my numero uno.

  4. Me also! I have an entire blog of my favorite 80s music.