2017: Goals, not resolutions

2017: Goals, not resolutions

A new year has arrived, triggering many people to begin to think: What will be my New Year’s Resolution?2017: Goals, not resolultions

This is often followed, in a few short weeks, by a flood of posts on social media about failing to keep this year’s resolution.

Do you want 2017 to be different? Let’s turn our resolutions into goals.

A resolution is a general desire to change something about ourselves. It is typically vague and is rarely successful.

A goal, on the other hand, is usually specific and measurable. It allows for strategies – a plan of actions to achieve a desired outcome.

This is the year:

My hope for you (and me) is that all our 2017 Goals will be obtained.

Here’s a little video published November 2016. I hope you find it as motivational as I did. For More Info

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