2013 has been really good to Greenwood Calendar

Greenwood Calendar hit the ground running in September 2013, supporting and promoting what’s great about Greenwood, with the goal of listing events, concerts, festivals, plays, and exhibits for Greenwood and surrounding towns.

In a little over 100 days –
We accomplished a lot . . . with your help. We flooded the area with postcards telling folks how to Stay Plugged In, and you shared and retweeted. Thank you.

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Now heading into 2014, we have about 2900 friends on FB, and more than 125 followers on Twitter

In just a little over three months, we added:
*50 videos of concerts, plays, Greenwood folks, businesses . . .
*a photo gallery of people out and about with a submit button for your pics.
*links to all the Greenwood restaurants.
*movie listings.
*a page for bloggers to add their links.
*AND While it wasn’t unanimous, friends and followers of Greenwood Calendar chose the Green Wood Chuck as its mascot (with a Green Fox and White Squirrel close behind). Mike Beckom designed the mascot!

Also, Greenwood Calendar has had lots of  CONTESTS from local favorites, including: YMCA, REI Cinema, Firehouse, Honey Baked Ham, Starbucks, Painted Giraffe, ewirelessgear, Howard’s on Main, Mill House, T.W. Boons, Music on Maxwell, chuck3Greenwood Community Theatre, Historic Train Museum, Abbeville Opera House, and more…

Greenwood Calendar Contest Winners, include:
Gail Stone Petrus, Angie Robertson, Austin Flannery, Lynn Lominick Dilleshaw, Renee Brewer Strange, Tammy Zimmerman, Paul Worthy, Sheila Langley, Nancy McKelley, Kathy Turner, Rhonda Cutter, Jessica Eustace, Donna Ramsey Borders, StaceyandPam Kirby, Glenn Yonce, Randy Carmen, Ashley Brezeale, Bradley McCasalan, Kathleen Darrow Constant, Ray Newbold, Tony Arias.Tonia Hodges, Amy Smith Rodgers, Courtney Lewis

My New Year’s Resolution is to make Greenwood Calendar a household name – for where to go and what to do in 2014.

Your testimonials and reviews have been awesome. Thanks very much for your help spreading the word about Greenwood Calendar and all the cool stuff going on in and around town.

Stay Plugged In.

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