Cameron Dorn Guinness Record

On This Day: Cameron Dorn became Guinness World Record Holder

On This Day: Cameron Dorn became Guinness World Record Holder

Three Years Ago Today . . . in Greenwood, SC

On May 17, 2014 Cameron Dorn commanded the world’s attention by breaking the Guinness World Record for consecutive Burpees, making him the only South Carolinian World Record Holder for an athletic event. (scroll to bottom to see what Cameron is doing now)

Cameron Dorn Guinness Record

Cameron Dorn asked Greenwood Calendar to help out by recording and broadcasting 24 consecutive hours for Guinness World Record.


Cameron Dorn is the World Record Holder for Burpees. At 2:31 on May 17, 2014 –  Cameron completed his 10,105 burpee in 24 hours.

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World’s Highest Burpee?

Minute with the Mayor on Burpee Record Attempt









Greenwood Calendar: May 17, 2017 – So what’s next”

Cameron Dorn: Man, it’s not finalized yet but we want to do another world record. Involving a car and lots of miles 🙂
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Cameron Dorn

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