Minute with Mayor: Win with Welborn

 Minute with Mayor: Win with Welborn or Poll with a Prize. To Yell or Not to Yell; that is the question. Watch this video, then enter the contest for a $50 giftcard to Main and Maxwell by leaving your answer below. A winner will be chosen this Friday, May 26.

If you’ve ever been to a graduation, you’ve heard folks yelling when their child, friend, or relative’s name is called. You’ve also likely heard an announcement to hold loud noise down to a low, polite applause.

Particpate in the poll, then share!

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  1. I suppose that I yelled at my own enough over the years. So, NOOOOO, I vote NO YELLING at their graduation.

  2. Do NOT yell. It is disrespectful and could keep other family members from hearing their child’s name called!!! WHY would you feel bad for someone who did not follow the rules and yelled out even after being told not to? That shows a lack of respect and also conveys to the graduates that rules don’t matter!!!

  3. Sara Findley Adams

    Share your enthusiasm..heck yeah yell for your graduate..

  4. It ain’t healthy to hold it in…..didn’t your Mama tell you that?

  5. Martine Fezler

    No yelling during, yell afterwards and all together. And install a Noise – O – Meter in the auditorium and see how high you can get the noise level. Win Win for Everyone

  6. yes, proud and loud!

  7. Virginia Garrison

    Yelling will indeed keep others from hearing their graduates name being called as well as cause the graduation to be drawn out longer than it needs to be. By providing the graduation program, respect and recognition is being given to each student and I feel the overall shouting and applause should be held until the end.

  8. I want to yell…. but because I try to be courteous and follow rules, I don’t. I use my inside voice…hahaha. and then yell when I get outside….!!!

  9. I say yes its not everyday you see your child graduate its a great experience.My daughter would think I left if she didnt hear me and that I wasnt thrilled of her accomplishment.

  10. John W. Pillman

    Sorry, no. If people gave a brief shout out like the Mayor, maybe. But that is NOT what happens. Whole families will stand and yell for a full minute, blotting out the name of the next student

  11. Yell

  12. No yelling….the ceremonies are usually long enough without having to wait for the crowd to quiet down so the next name can be heard. Plenty of time for yelling after it’s over! 🎉

  13. Teresa McClain

    Yes, it’s a proud moment!!

  14. Allow everyone to tell! Just pause before announcing the next name. It is a free country still, right?

  15. David Westberry

    Dear Mayor Adams,

    Having graduated from Lander in December and having experienced a ceremony similar to the Auburn graduation you described, I can wholeheartedly say that I disagree with you on this point.

    I found the yelling at my own graduation excessive, disrespectful, rude, and classless. Is that how you want visitors to see our community?

    There is also the issue of safety and control. I witnessed yelling go on for minutes beyond the calling of the intended recipients name. There was no pause, the ceremony continued as it should. The issue here is that one exuberant family will attempt to over exude the previous one leading to chaos and confusion. Additionally, we live in a world where safety is of primary consideration for large events like graduations, would the yelling not be an ideal distraction for someone elsewhere?

    Furthermore, what about the poor graduate whose family is unable to attend. How would it feel to walk across the stage in silence just after the loud explosion of yells has ended?

    In addition to the points I have made I would like to mention that graduations are called commencement ceremonies for a reason. They are significantly different than a high school talent show. While you may be proud of your relative at either occasion, ceremonies required reverence and respect. The simple fact is that graduates deserve that respect. I want to know that after obtaining my degree, I will be treated with the appropriate level of respect for my hard work and it should start the minute I set foot on that stage.

    I hope that you will observe this issue from a graduate’s perspective. I also hope that you will be respectful of others and mindful of the fact that you will be attending a ceremony, not a talent show or a football game. You are attending something bigger, something deserving of pomp and circumstance.

    Congratulations to your daughter. I know you are a proud father, but please save your yells for post-graduation festivities.


    David Westberry

  16. Respect the school rules. Seems there is always someone to upset the rules. Just be nice.

  17. Yes, yes ,yes, show your support by giving your favorite grad a yell

  18. Paula G Canfield

    Yes Yell yell yell loud as you can.

  19. Absolutely not , you can yell at the end , it’s not a ball game , it’s a ceremonial time .

  20. No yelling. For the respect to others, maybe some students are alone or they don’t have family close, or they are foreign students and they don’t have people to cheer them up, so please be respectful and keep the yelling and euphoria after the ceremony.

  21. I say no. That’s just me.

  22. A very short yell i feel is okay but a long drawn out yell is disrespectful and tonmany would make it for a bery long drawn out ceremony! So YELL SHORTLY!!!

  23. YELL YES!!!!!!

  24. Randy Linsenbigler

    Yes. I don’t see the problem with it.I know when my child graduates I will.

  25. Steve Boatwright

    Welborn if you want to yell, then yell!!!!

  26. by all means, yell. make it a short yell. make it a loud yell…. the grad deserves the enthusiasm!!!! plus you may hear some funny nicknames… but in the end… keep it clean.

  27. Rodnisha Howzell

    Yessss yell to the top of your lungs!