Greenwood Contests

Three contests going on now!

Southerner Contest

Applebee’s Contest

Starbucks/Chick fil A Contest

Greenwood Calendar Just Named 5 Winners today.

Jennifer Frix Alexander just won a free lunch at the Greenwood Sandwich Company. Congratulations!

Tommy Ross is the winner of a FREE LUNCH at the Delicious Crossin’s Deli. Congratulations

Kayla Livingston. You have won LUNCH at The Dawg House. Congratulations

Congratulations Eric C. Smith. You have just won the $32 Turtle Wax Ice Delux Car Wash at Frank’s Car wash.

Congratulations Kimberly Listman Brown. You won The Greenwood Calendar Contest To See Mulan Jr. at the Greenwood Community Theatre.

Remember to collect your prize just email me at!

Thanks for using Greenwood Calendar



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