Gas Prices Down

Gas prices fall

According to “Within just a few days, motorists will likely be seeing the cheapest national average since early 2011, and with it only being mid-October, prices could continue to fall for several weeks.”

Personally, while I’m happy for the cheaper gas prices, I’m still annoyed that the gas industry thinks we’re gullible or just plain stupid.  While many retail stores charge 99 cents because it sounds cheaper than a dollar ($3.99 sounds cheaper than $4), the gasoline industry insists on adding an extra 9/10ths of a cent to the price per gallon. Seems like we should get 1/10 of a cent in change….

Still the good news of lower prices at the pump is very welcome. According to AAA, here are Gas Prices by State Click Here

In terms of gas prices, SC is the 49th most expensive state.

Another reason it’s great to live in Greenwood, SC!


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