Contestant #1

To Vote for Julie Davenport’s Door, leave comment below

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  1. Oh yes!!!!

  2. vote for this one

  3. My vote for Julie D!

  4. Julie, you need help!

  5. Ugly door!!

  6. Wow! Thisis one ugly door. Looks like it’s been around since the first car came off the assembly line.

  7. Contestant #1 Eww!

  8. you could really use a new garage door

  9. This is it!

  10. definitely needs a makeover

  11. This one for sure!

  12. Ewwwwwww! someone call the Ugly Police on #1!!!!!!!!

  13. Oooooo…..

  14. So sad when bad doors happen to good people. 🙁

  15. ewwww! help!

  16. YUCKY!!!

  17. her pets are ashamed to have their friends over. please help those poor animals and vote for this one.

  18. This ugly one has my vote!!

  19. Contestant #1

    Door needs to go!

  20. She definitely needs a new door!

  21. Vote for Julie Davenport

  22. i vote this one

  23. Julies door deserves to win!! Vote for Julies ugly door!!

  24. Julie’s door is certainly the ugliest!

  25. Umm..Julie REALLY needs something done to this door! BAD!

  26. Bless it!!!!

  27. Failey A. Pasley


  28. One Vote for Julie. That door needs to be put down.

  29. Just needs a little paint?

  30. Julie D! Thats an ugly door!!

  31. Oh my!PAINT ME

  32. Ew, that is pretty darn ugly. I vote for this one!

  33. And the winner is………..

  34. My vote!!!

  35. Definitely this door needs a makeover!

  36. So ugly!!!!

  37. old and ugly!

  38. Yikes! Julie needs a new garage door!!!

  39. Even paint wouldn’t do it any good. Thr door has to go!

  40. Oohh mmyyy!

  41. Scary ugly! Bet her car is afraid to go in there….

  42. Ugly garage doors are usually for bores, but our Julie is not, it needs to take a trot.

  43. This has to be the ugliest door ever.

  44. Her neighbors must love her and I’m glad not to be one of them.

  45. The ugliest garage door in Greenwood…please fix this one!

  46. Obviously someone needs to contact the building inspector. Halloween was over in October, Julie

  47. Winner in my book!

  48. vote for this one

  49. Julie needs a new door!

  50. Definitely the winner!

  51. Ugliest!!

  52. How awful! You need a new door!

  53. Oh Julie good luck you really deserve a new door!

  54. Yikes, this one for sure.

  55. My Vote for Julie Davenport

  56. my Vote is for her she definitely needs a new one

  57. Julie’s door is awful

  58. Defiantly looks like a winner to me

  59. Definitely needs a new door. Go Julie

  60. I vote this one!

  61. Sad, sad, sad!

  62. Julie needs a new door!!

  63. Most definitely needs a new door.

  64. This door is even uglier in person 🙁


  66. Vote for Julie D’s door!

  67. i vote for Julie’s door because Dawn says she needs it 😉