Fin n Filet: Up close

No need to travel for great seafood and steaks. Fin n Filet has just what you’re looking for in a comfortable atmosphere at affordable prices.

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  1. Natalia Vedashenko

    Great atmosphere, quality product and real “BANG FOR THE BUCK”-JP’s tilapia, Jillians’s filet and Bangkok shrimp are OUTSTANDING!! Lunch & Brunch have come a long way!

    Come have a look in side Fin n Filet

    • Never have tried you guys. Looks very tempting so…ok you twisted my arm I will be there soon. (w/ my $10 gift card)

  2. Never been to eat at this place but the food looks tasty! Would live to win this gift card and try it out so I can share the goodness with all my friends!! Thanks

  3. I love your food !! I T is tasty and delicious ! Would love to take my daughter there. She has never been before.

  4. I just posted earlier about how I have never been there before. Just wanted to get my last name to you also. 🙂 fingers crossed I win the the gift card!