Greenwood Spared JC Penney Store Closing Axe

Greenwood Spared JC Penney Store Closing Axe. 138 JC Penney stores will be closing soon in an effort to bring profitability back to the company. James Cash Penney opened his first store in 1902. The Greenwood store will remain open.

See full list of JC Penney store closings

Visit Greenwood JC Penny store website. Note the Mall is still listed as Cross Creek Mall.

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Fallen wire on Grace Street

Officer Lee directs traffic as a fallen branch knocked down a wire on Grace Street near the intersection with Cambridge Ave. CPW was called to service the wire.


Wiley Team Real Estate Update

Wiley Team Real Estate UpdateWiley Team Real Estate Update. Share this video and like the Facebook Page to be enteredWiley Team Real Estate Update to win two Yeti-like cups with custom decal made for you. Let me know when you share so I can enter your name in the drawing.

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Greenwood Calendar


Dr. Robert Stevenson, this is a marvelous addition to the processes used to keep Greenwood informed about what is going on, in and around town. Thank you for providing this GREAT (and FREE!!!) service. You are always coming up with good ideas.

Dr. Bettie Rose Horne

Commissioner, SC Commission on Higher Education


“We have usedTidwell-Jewelers - Logo Robert for multiple commercials and videos and found him to be very easy to work with and flexible. He is very patient and very open to suggestions. I really appreciate how he works with our complicated schedule and getting our daughter involved in the commercials.”

Henry Herron, Tidwell Jewelers

Robert is very proactive and community-minded. He seeks to showcase Greenwood andGreenwood Partnership Alliance Testimonial the Lakelands in the most positive way possible. He is professional and very easy to work with. When it comes to partners, he certainly is one of those that is making a big impact on growing Greenwood greater.”

Heather Simmons Jones, Greenwood Partnership Alliance, Executive Director


“The CSnapshot - 265ity of Greenwood has used Robert’s video services for years now. He is easy to work with, and I am very pleased with his product.”

Charlie Barrineau, Greenwood City Manager

We, at The Humane Society of Greenwood, are so pleased with the partnership we shUntitledare with Robert Stevenson to help further our mission. His weekly video series and social media package has helped us get important information to our target audience. I recommend him and his talents to any company, civic group, or nonprofit that wants to expand the reach of its marketing and message.”

Karen Pettay, Director Greenwood Humane Society

“Beyond Abuse could not be happier about the video services Robert provided for us as part 368aaf1of our major fundraiser, Dancing with the Greenwood Stars. Not only did he create the promotional video, he also created a video of the actual performance that we were then able to market and raise additional funds for the agency. Robert was professional and a pleasure to work with during the entire process. We are definitely planning to ask for Robert’s services again next year!”

Cathy Miller, Executive Director Beyond Abuse


“Robert Stevenson conducted an interview with our band, Jackson Station, in late 2014. We had no idea at the time the tremendous impact it would have on our band. It was an ShowImageopportunity for thousands of folks in the Greenwood area to get to know who we were and what we did musically. It also gave us a sample of our work to give to potential sites for us to play music. It was a tremendous boost for the band and our ability to play more in Greenwood and out of town. From the moment we did that interview, we have never had a problem finding opportunities to play music and our social media following has grown as well. In addition, Robert asked us to be a part of a music special that included many other local artists. That was a blast, and he helped us by promoting us from the actual Jackson Station site in Hodges. It has been a pleasure working with Robert. We are 100% positive that any business can meet their goals utilizing Greenwood Media Marketing.”

-Jackson Station

Robert’s Rules of Order #1

Hi! This is Robert Stevenson with Greenwood Calendar.  In my wanderings around the world for 54 years, I’ve accumulated some peeves (I can’t really call them pet peeves.)

Robert's RuleNow that I just celebrated another birthday, I feel I’m getting closer to becoming older and wiser. Hence, from time to time, I will be sharing my thoughts on Southern Hospitality. (No, I wasn’t actually born in the South, but Greenwood is my Hometown!)

Here’s my first Top 10 List

  1. When stopping at an intersection intending to go straight, choose the left lane and leave the right lane open for someone hoping to turn right on red.

2. When you’re driving parallel to another car in the left lane, note that the left lane is also known as the passing lane.

3. When sitting in a closed environment, such as a doctor’s office, avoid the orchestra. Turn your phone’s cute sound effects off.

4. When your favorite band belts out a new bass booming ballad while you’re in your boss ride, spare us the fRobert's Rulesree concert. Roll up your windows!

5. When you’re in line at Walmart speaking on your hands-free phone – Stop! We don’t need to know your dinner plans.

6. When you disagree on someone’s facebook post, make your point well in one comment. Don’t hijack someone’s post by leaving your wise words on everyone else’s comments.

7. When a pedestrian is waiting to cross your path, let them go. When the teen behind you beeps at you for your generosity, wave with all five fingers.

8. Remember how nice it was when you received a nice card? Send thank you notes.

9. When you think you’re right, and the old man is wrong – Respect your elders.

10. When you see someone throw a wrapper on the ground, remember there are two kinds of people – those who litter and those who help keep America Beautiful.


Thanks for listening. I’d love to add your words of wisdom to Robert’s Rules of Order.

Dr. Rob


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Celebrate Connie Maxwell’s 125th Anniversary Candlelight Tour

Celebrate Connie Maxwell’s 125th Anniversary

Register for Candlelight Tour

Visit David Linsey Clothier Online

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Product Recall – Ready to eat Chicken

Product Recall: there has been a recall of some ready-to-eat chicken products made by Wayne Farms of Decatur, Alabama,  according to federal investigators.

The product, with the number P-20214, was shipped to Food Lion stores throughout Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states because of possible bacterial contamination.

No instances of illness or injury have been reported.

Back in Nov. 18, 2016 – Wayne Farms LLC., an Oakwood, Ga. establishment, recalled approximately 4,059 pounds of ready-to-eat chicken products due to undercooking, resulting in the potential survival of bacterial pathogens in the products, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection. See More

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Greenwood Aldi is expanding

The Greenwood Aldi is expanding. According to local Aldi’s management, they are adding another aisle. When asked if new products will be available, the reply was, “We’re not sure right now, but most likely there will be more organic foods.”

Aldi’s will close for a short time in May. The expected date to reopen is tentatively set near Memorial Day.

Susan Nabors, frequent Aldi shopper said, “I can’t wait for the remodelling to finish. We love Aldis.” She added that she was also excited about possibly getting more organic food.

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Poll Greenwood

Poll Greenwood: How do you get your news?

Greenwood Filmmaker to Premiere Film

Greenwood Filmmaker to Premiere Film

Watch and Win!  Check out and share video of Austin Newman discussing his new movie, then like MMXII on Facebook to enter to win two free tickets to the Premiere of MMXII at Premiere Cinemas of Greenwood. Filmmaker Austin Newman returns to his hometown of Greenwood to Premiere his feature film MMXII 7 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017

MMXII from Greenwood Media Marketing on Vimeo.


Watch Trailer

AustinMakesfilms on Facebook

MMXII on Facebook

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Greenwood man killed in one vehicle accident

Greenwood man killed: A Greenwood man was killed after his vehicle hit a tree early Saturday morning, according to Greenwood County coroner Sonny Cox. The accident occurred on Dixie Drive in Greenwood County.

Marcus Anthony Harris, 24, was not wearing his seat belt. He died from blunt force trauma, Cox said.

Greenwood’s Growing in new directions

Greenwood’s Growing in new directions

In addition to Holiday Inn Express and Panera Bread which opened in Greenwood this past week, you probably already know we’re getting a Lidl grocery store across from the Greenwood Mall and beside Buck Stove and Pool.

But did you know about these:

At the Intersection by the Lake Bilo and Master’s RV, three houses were recently towed away to make room for Self Regional Hospital expansion office.


Your friends at Camp Chinquapin are expanding to Hwy 72 just beside Mathis Plumbing.


Just past Jackson Station and across from Fred’s will be a new Dollar General soon.


Also on Hwy 72, folks looking for an auto service center may be interested to find out Greenwood has a new choice.


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Panera Bread to Open Wednesday February 8th

Panera Bread to Open Wednesday February 8th

 The new Panera Bread store located in front of the Greenwood Mall will open for business this Wednesday. Panera Bread ‘s menu includes pastries, bread, coffee, soups and salads. There are other entrees as well.

Panera Bread has been around for 35 years. Last year, the chain removed all “artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors and colors from artificial sources”, from its offerings.


Visit online

Contest: What’s great about Greenwood

Contest – Greenwood Calendar is your website focusing on what’s great about Greenwood.

Now it’s your turn. Share one thing you feel is GREAT about Greenwood, and I’ll enter your name in a drawing for a $50 gift card to Montague’s Restaurant. We’ll choose a winner on Wednesday, Jan. 25.


District 50 Recruitment Fair

District 50 Recruitment Fair. Johnathan Graves of District 50 discusses the upcoming District 50 Recruitment Fair to be held in the Emerald High School Gymnasium. 

Shelter Scoop: Pets of the Week

Shelter Scoop: Pets of the Week

These two pets have all their shots AND they have already been paid for. 

Listen to Michael!

Kmart closing sale begins now

Greenwood kmart closing saleGreenwood Kmart closing sale begins now

Select items at the Greenwood, SC Kmart are currently marked up to 30 percent off of their original prices, and jewelry is reduced by 70 percent.

Greenwood Kmart is slated to close in 11 weeks as part of cost cutting effort by the Sears holding corp. 150 Kmart and Sears stores will be closing

The sale will continue throughout Kmart of Greenwood’s final 11 weeks.

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Sign of great things to come

Here are some Signs of Great things to come

Let’s give ’em all a hearty Greenwood welcome

Sign of great things to come

Panera Bread, Greenwood, is located in front of J.C. Penney of Greenwood Mall and adjacent to Starbucks. It is slated to open in Spring 2017.

Visit Panera Bread online


Sign of great things to come

Holiday Inn Express and Suites at 300 North Creek Blvd will be opening February 9.

Holiday Inn Express Greenwood’s Facebook Page


Sign of great things to come

Lidl, European Grocery Store is coming to Greenwood by Summer 2017. Located beside Buck Stove and Pool on the Crosscreek Connector, Lidl has been described as a cross between Aldi’s and Walmart.

View Lidl online


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