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Publix Brochure

More info on Publix. I’m still working on confirmation of the other stores….Greenwood Flyer

Greenwood Free Summer Movie Schedule 2015

2014 FREE SUMMER SERIES MOVIES are shown Tuesday & Wednesday at 10am and 11am and are FREE FOR EVERYONE

June 24, 25 The Croods(PG, 98 minutes)

July 1, 2 Epic(PG, 102 minutes)

July 8, 9 Despicable Me 2(PG, 98 minutes)

July 15, 16 Turbo(PG, 96 minutes)

July 22, 23 Free Birds(PG, 91 minutes) & Rio(G, 96 minutes)

July 29, 30 Walking With Dinosaurs(PG, 87 minutes)

August 5, 6 Nut Job(PG, 85 minutes) & Mr. Poppers Penguins(PG, 94 minutes)

August 12, 13 Hotel Transylvania(PG 91 minutes) & Ice Age: Continental Drift(PG, 88 minutes)

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Meet Lily the Mermaid


City of Greenwood employees are putting the finishing touches on the new water feature in front of Howard’s on Main. Come see Lily the Mermaid along with the flamingo and swan topiaries.

YMCA Camp Greenwood

The Greenwood Family YMCA financial assistance provides for the needs of youth, families and individuals who cannot afford the full cost of YMCA memberships and programs. The YMCA is committed to being accessible to all, and works hard to support those who may be in challenging financial situations.

Our Financial Assistance Program is supported by contributions from our members and the community to our Annual Campaign.

Greenwood Family YMCA

1760 Calhoun Road

Greenwood, SC 29646


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Cold Water Challenge – For Team Keith

CLICK HERE More on the Keith Ridgeway Benefit

Bearcats Baseball World Series Bound

Lander Athletics: While the state-of-the-art Stephen B. Dolny Stadium was being built earlier this decade, architects of the Lander University baseball program envisioned a moment like what unfolded in the middle of the diamond deep in the night on Monday morning.

As Lander recorded the final out at 1:34 a.m. to clinch the school’s first-ever trip to the NCAA Division II College World Series, the Bearcats spilled onto the field for a celebratory “dog pile” in front of a boisterous, appreciative crowd.

In just its third year in the impressive new stadium, the Lander baseball program which had never been to an NCAA Tournament during its 14 years at historic Legion Field had achieved one of the ultimate milestones of college baseball.

Next Saturday in Cary, N.C., the Bearcats can begin chasing THE ultimate goal.

Lander ace Dylan Wolchik retired 19 consecutive batters from the third through eighth innings and Erik Lunde hit a key home run as the top seed and nationally second ranked Bearcats beat No. 3 seed Columbus State University 5-2 to win the NCAA Division II Southeast Regional championship and a trip to the College World Series.


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Cameron Dorn just completed his 10,105 Burpee. He now holds the World Record.

image (1)Cameron Dorn is the World Record Holder for Burpees. At 2:31 he just completed his 10,105 burpee in 24 hours. image (2) image





Lander hosts NCAA Southeast Regional Tourney


Regular Season Champions & Peach Belt Conference

Tournament Champions

Overall Record of 47 – 6

Lander will host the NCAA Southeast Regional Tournament at

The Stephen B. Dolny Stadium

May 15 – 18

Ticket Prices are:

Adults – $5.00

Children – Ages 3 – 12 – $3.00

Ages2 & Under – Free

No passes are accepted

For tournament schedule and information CLICK HERE

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Congratulations Lander University Class of 2014

Blog Post: As a professor at Lander University for 23 years, I’ve participated in over 50 graduations, and I  want to acknowledge that US Senator Tim Scott’s Commencement Address delivered today to the largest graduating class in Lander’s history was among the most motivational I can recall.  Senator Scott reminded the graduates of three (really four) things:

index1. Failure is part of succeeding, and it is fine as long as you don’t stop. He reminded them of Steve Jobs getting fired from Apple, then going on to invent the iphone. He told us how he, himself, failed several classes in high school on his way to becoming a highly successful businessman then politician.

2. Stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. The Senator discussed the importance of being a mentor. He described how he benefited from one of his first bosses, who saw promise in him and helped him to get on the path to success.

3.  If you want to walk on water, you have to get out of the boat. Senator Scott talked about how obtaining your dreams involves taking risks. He told the class of 2014 to look up in the stands where their family and friends sat. Then he reminded them that they have a support group to help when they start to sink.

Finally, and this wasn’t one of the Senator’s main points, he told the new graduates:

4. Don’t use your music money on football. Scott invited us to have some fun at his expense as he broke into a really bad falsetto version of a song nobody knew: “Children Hold On To Your Dreams,” by William Wee Gee Howard.  He then read the lyrics. The point he made was: Dream Big.

The Senator concluded saying that this is an important time in America’s history, and the graduates have an opportunity to play an important role in shaping the future.

Congratulations, Lander University Class of 2014.


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