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Information for Emerald and Greenwood High School graduation ceremonies

Information for Emerald and Greenwood High School graduation ceremonies


Live Stream will be available for both ceremonies at


Emerald High School – 9am



Greenwood High School – Noon



A live stream will also be available on the district website at gwd50.org.

Commencement exercises for Greenwood School District 50 will be held on Friday, June 1, 2018, in the Finis Horne Arena on the Lander University Campus.  The Emerald High School graduation ceremony will begin at 9:00 a.m., and the Greenwood High School ceremony will begin at 12:00 p.m.

Guests at the Emerald and Greenwood High School ceremonies are required to have a ticket to attend.  Graduating seniors will receive tickets for their guests during practice.

The following safety measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of graduates and attendees:

  • Metal detectors will be used at all entrances
  • Clear Bag Policy strictly enforced
  • No clutches or wristlets allowed
  • No weapons allowed including pocket knives of any size.

Graduation is a memorable occasion for high school seniors. Whether the memories from the graduation ceremony are favorable or unfavorable depends in part upon the conduct of the spectators. Sometimes, guests will engage in conduct during the ceremony that is distracting and inappropriate. This can interfere with the enjoyment of those who have come to celebrate an important occasion with their children, relatives, friends, and neighbors. In order to provide the best graduation possible for the graduating class of 2018, the administrations from the two high schools request that guests do the following.

  1.  Dress as you would for any other coat and tie affair.
  2.  Do not bring babies and young children to the ceremony. Children must be able to walk to be permitted into the ceremony. It is unfair to expect an infant or small child to be quiet during a lengthy program and it is equally unfair to the graduates and their guests to have crying children disrupt the ceremony.
  3.  The graduating students should arrive in their designated areas forty-five minutes prior to the ceremony.  Traffic will be heavy and it may be difficult to get a parking place.
  4. No one, including children, will be admitted to the Emerald or Greenwood High School ceremonies without a ticket, even if the child will be sitting on their parent’s lap.
  5.  Guests should remain at their seats throughout the entire graduation exercise and during the recessional.  Guests are not allowed on the arena floor and should not exit the arena until all graduates have marched out.
  6.  Guests must refrain from yelling or causing any disturbances. Those people who do create a disturbance will be asked to leave the arena and not allowed to return.  Charges may be filed for any disturbances.
  7. While diplomas are being received by graduates, we ask that guests hold any applause or comments until all the graduates have received their diplomas.
  8. Seating for handicapped guests in wheelchairs will be available on both sides of the arena on the entry level.  Handicapped guests may be dropped off at the main entrance to the Horne Arena.
  9.  Cell phones and any electronic devices should be turned off and not used during the ceremony.
  10. A photographer will be taking pictures of each graduate, so guests should not leave their seats to take pictures.

The graduates, administrations, and faculties of Emerald and Greenwood High Schools thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Northland Communications Working Hard for our Customers.

Northland Communications Working Hard four our Customers

Visit Northland Communications online

Update on yesterday’s fatal crash in Greenwood

UPDATE: A second fatal crash occurred in Greenwood County on Saturday evening. The latest accident happened shortly before 9 pm according to Greenwood Coronertroopers on the scene. The crash happened at Hwy 72 US 221 at the intersection of Brickyard Road, Evans Pond and Hillcrest Farm Road, see map below.  According to troopers, two motorcycles, a 2005 Nissan and a 1999 Jeep were involved in the collision.  See information about a fatal accident in Greenwood County from Saturday afternoon here.

Accordinupdate on fatal motorcycle accidentg to the Highway Patrol, the Jeep was struck by the motorcycles, troopers said. One of the motorcycles ran off the road, and the other was subsequently hit by the Nissan.

Neither of the motorcyclists were wearing helmets according to SCHP.  Both motorcycle passengers were also ejected from their vehicles.

The Greenwood County Coroner identified the victims of the crash as 57-year-old Thomas Edward Burdette and 45-year-old John Wilson Ruley Jr. The coroner said both men died on scene from blunt force trauma. Media Release - Ruley - Burdette(1)

The driver of the Nissan, 22-year-old Shaundrece Clark, was charged with two counts of felony DUI and two counts of felony DUI resulting in great bodily injury, according to troopers. Official reports also stated that Clark was further charged with open container and simple possession of marijuana.


Fatal accident

Lonza expanding in Greenwood: $46 million investment and 30 new jobs

Lonza (formerly known as Capsugel) expanding operations in Greenwood County
$46 million investment expected to create 30 new jobs

Lonza, one of the world’s leading suppliers to the pharmaceutical, biotech and specialty ingredients markets, today announced plans to expand operations in Greenwood County. The company is investing $46 million over the next five years and is expected to generate 30 new jobs as a result.
Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, Lonza harnesses science and technology to create products that enhance the overall quality of life for patients and consumers around the world. Through its acquisition of Capsugel in July 2017, Lonza now offers products and services from the custom development and manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients to innovative dosage forms.

Lonza expanding in Greenwood: $46 million investment and 30 new jobsLonza’s Greenwood County operations, which are located at 535 North Emerald Road in Greenwood, S.C., produce empty capsules and finished dosage forms for the global biopharma and consumer health and nutrition markets. To expand, the company is adding approximately 50,000 square feet of new manufacturing space, which will enable the firm to produce key nutritional ingredients, among other projects.
With construction expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2019, hiring for the new positions will take place starting in mid-2018. Those interested in joining the Lonza team should visit the company’s careers page online.

The Coordinating Council for Economic Development has approved job development credits, as well as a $300,000 Set Aside grant to Greenwood County to assist with the costs of site work and infrastructure improvements.

“Lonza is making a significant investment in our operations in Greenwood, further demonstrating our commitment to providing high-quality products and services to our customers worldwide. Greenwood County is rich with talented, skilled individuals who will enhance our global and regional footprint, particularly in the area of consumer health and nutrition.” –Lonza Specialty Ingredients COO Sven Abend

“South Carolina’s workforce continues to demonstrate unmatched excellence; and, as a result, global companies like Lonza are growing and thriving here. I look forward to seeing all that these new positions will be able to produce and achieve in the years to come.” –Gov. Henry McMaster

“The Palmetto State’s life sciences industry continues to expand, showcasing South Carolina’s ability to produce a variety of advanced products. We congratulate Lonza and look forward to their continued success in Greenwood County.” –Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt

“Lonza has been an excellent job provider and a source of economic prosperity for Greenwood County. Their new
expansion is exciting and encouraging, as it means their good work will continue to produce positive results for people locally and globally.” –Greenwood County Council Chairman Steve Brown

“We congratulate our friends at Lonza on today’s expansion announcement. Lonza’s continued growth within
Greenwood County speaks to the company’s dedication and commitment to the area and the future of life sciences in South Carolina.” –Greenwood Partnership Alliance Chair Dr. Kristin Manske

• Lonza is expanding operations in Greenwood County.
•$46 million investment to create 30 new jobs.
• Lonza designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of innovative dosage forms for the biopharmaceutical
and consumer health and nutrition industries.
•The company is adding 50,000 square feet to its Greenwood County facility, which is located at 535 North
Emerald Road in Greenwood, S.C.
• Those looking to join the Lonza team should visit the company’s careers page online.


About S.C. Department of Commerce
As South Carolina’s leading economic development agency, the Department of Commerce works to recruit new
businesses and help existing business grow. S.C. Commerce has recruited world-class companies to South Carolina such as BMW, Boeing, Continental, Giti Tire, LPL Financial Holdings, Mercedes-Benz Vans, Samsung, Toray and Volvo Cars and also supports startups, small and existing business, innovation and rural development initiatives. S.C. Commerce partners with the S.C. Technical College System via readySC to support workforce training and recruiting, and with the S.C.  Department of Employment and Workforce, which provides worker training and employment opportunities within the state. With a strong international footprint, since 2011, the Palmetto State has ranked among top three in the nation for attracting jobs through foreign investment on a per capita basis, according to IBM-Plant Location International.
Additionally, in five of seven years, the state has won the Gold Shovel Award from Area Development magazine; and, in 2017, the state was recognized as Business Facilities; State of the Year. For more information, visit

Greenwood Shooting Update

Greenwood Shooting UPDATE- The victim of the shooting was a 15 year old male. He has died as a result of his wounds. Our investigators are working very hard to figure out who was involved and bring them to justice.

Please take time to talk to your kids and let them know that guns don’t fix anything. Tonight, a mother is grieving her son, and other families are going to go through seeing their sons throw their lives away over petty arguments.


From the Coroner’s Office: Victim Information: Juvenile – Name Not Released by this Office.
Incident: This office responded to Self Regional Healthcare to investigate a gunshot wound incident. The incident occurred in the area of Tennessee Court and Ohio Court in the city of Greenwood. The victim succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at Self-Regional at 2000 hours. The manner of death is still being investigated. An autopsy is scheduled for Friday, April 6, 2018.
Manner of Death: Pending Investigation Cause of Death: Pending Investigation
Investigation to be continued by this office and the Greenwood Police Department.


See for more information

Greenwood Shooting


At approximately 7:30 pm, officers responded to Tennessee Court in reference to a shooting. Officers found one person shot and EMS rushed the victim to the hospital. The investigation is still underway, so we don’t have very many details at this time. We will update everyone when possible.

pARTners in Clay: Earth Day celebration

pARTners in Clay in connection with Wyatt Farms are joining hands to celebrate Earth Day on the weekend of April 21 and 22nd. There will be original handmade (clay from the earth) ceramic items for sale, planters, “yard art” (to hang or plant in the ground) ; bells, fish, ceramic flowers as well as fresh garden flowers and a good selection of plants from Wyatt Farms. A variety of gifts, collectables with safe-glaze containers will be available from 10-5 Saturday and 1-5 on Sunday… April 22. Come and see how the potters have recycled /re-purposed pieces with clay.


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Jim Still Named New Principal at Northside Middle School

Jim Still Named New Principal at Northside Middle School

Northside Middle School will have a new face as principal.
Jim Still has been named as the new Principal at Northside Middle School.
“I’m honored to be selected to lead a school such as Northside,” Still said. “I look forward
to working with the students, staff, and school community at Northside. Our goal is to
continue building upon the tremendous tradition of excellence that has been set in
academics, arts, and athletics. I’m confident that our collective efforts as a school will
have a positive impact on the learning and the lives of our students.”
Still graduated from Clemson University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in
Secondary Education. He went on to earn a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership
from Grand Canyon University.

During his 14 years in District 50, Still has served as an administrator, teacher, and
athletic coach. He also served as an Assistant Principal at Clinton High School in
Laurens School District 56 before returning to District 50 as an Assistant Principal at

“During his career in Greenwood 50, Mr. Still has shown a passion for teaching and
learning,” according to Director of Secondary Education Beth Taylor. “Northside will
benefit from his innovation, enthusiasm, and leadership.”
“Mr. Still is an outstanding educator,” Superintendent Darrell Johnson stated. “He has a
proven track record of achieving success in our district and is enthusiastic about seeing
our middle students become college and career ready. His rapport with teachers and
familiarity with our district is an added bonus.”

Greenwood: Traffic Fatality

Greenwood Traffic Fatality

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Curiosity Corner: The heart

Curiosity Corner


Dr. Jerry D. Wilson,

Emeritus Professor of Physics

Lander University


The heart is basically a pump that keeps our blood circulating – a vital organ. Yet, we associate emotions with the heart. Usually, these are the lovey-dovey kind of emotions, especially around Valentine’s Day. But not always. Consider the following common expressions:


  • heartache – deep grief or pain
  • heartbreak (broken heart) – extreme disappointment (lost at love)
  • heartfelt – most sincere
  • have a heart – be forgiving
  • heavy heart – very sad
  • know it in my heart – to know for sure
  • change of heart – change of mind or opinion
  • to know by heart – to have it memorized
  • have your heart set on – a big desire
  • cry your heart out – big grief
  • wear your heart on your sleeve – obvious emotion
  • give my heart to you – to show true love (or, maybe, an actual transplant)


You can probably think of others (if you have your heart in the right place, that is). There’s also heartless, heartrending, heartsick, heartstrings, heartwarming, heartthrob, and so on. I’m glad we had this little heart-to-heart.


This is a short one, so how about some curious trivia questions?



  1. Which state has the shortest motto?
  2. How high is Mt. Everest?
  3. How many bones are in the human body?



  1. Coincidentally, the smallest state, Rhode Island, has the shortest motto – one word: Hope. (Do you know your state’s motto? South Carolina: Dum Spiro Spero, or While I breathe, I hope; West Virginia: Montani Semper Liberi, or Mountaineers always free.)
  2. Well, you have to be up-to-date on this one. It was 29,028 ft., as determined by surveying techniques in 1954. But it’s growing … well, not really. Recent measurements using global positioning satellites (GPS) have added 7 feet, giving it a height of 29,035 ft. I thought you’d want to know. Incidentally, because of continental drift (plate tectonics), the mountain is moving northward toward China at about 2.5 inches per year – about as fast as your fingernails grow.
  3. Trick question! Trick question! The number of bones in the human body ranges somewhere between 350 to 206. We are normally born with 350 bones, but some of these fuse together as we age, and you end up with 206 bones by your mid-20s. No bones about it!


C.P.S. (Curious Postscript): “Psychology. Mind over matter? Mind under matter? It doesn’t matter. Never mind.” –Anon.


Curious about something? Send your questions to Dr. Jerry D. Wilson, College of Science and Mathematics, Lander University, Greenwood, SC 29649, or email jerry@curiosity-corner.net. Selected questions will appear in the Curiosity Corner. For Curiosity Corner background, go to www.curiosity-corner.net.

Local Bands

Greenwood, SC has a vibrant music scene with a rich heritage of successful, seriously talented musicians. Be sure to check out Greenwood Music Venues as well.

Here’s a Greenwood Calendar Compilation of some of Greenwood’s most famous rockers.

Here are some other Greenwood Calendar videos of the Local Music Scene in Greenwood.

Brown Sugar Substitute, donning Mayor Adams shirts

Jake Bartley

Ashby, Jake, Keller, Tyler, and Ronnie outside Howards

Ashy Stokes and Becky Greene at the Mill House

Jake and Ashby at the Farmer’s Market

Bad Weather States

Will Thompson, Keller Ridgeway, Ashby Stokes

Zombies at the Mill House

Stevens Layne plays Uptown Live

Hack Bartley All Stars at T.W. Boon’s

GCT Christmas Fundraiser

Colly Birds at Montagues

Willie Sugarcapps plays Music on Maxwell

Doc Brown Plays Boon’s

Open Mic Night at Howards

Dave Mauldin plays Natty’s on Trinty

The Hadley’s play Music on Maxwell

Gray Hines, Ronnie Goldman at Boons

Spencer Rush Rocks the Dock

Jackson Station

Third Avenue

Trey Ward band

Lakelands musicians collaborate

Steven Galloway


The Root Doctors play Uptown Live




Local Music Venues

Venue links listed in Alphabetical Order

To enter additional gigs, email me at gwdcal@gmail.com or Click Here

Also, be sure to check out Local Bands


Buffalo’s Grill

Dock Bar & Grill

Howard’s on Main

Inn on the Square


Mill House


Oxygen Lounge

Sports Break

Music on Maxwell

T.W. Boon’s

Uptown Live


Cameron Dorn Greenwood’s Guinness Record Holder Back In The Spotlight

Cameron Dorn Greenwood’s Guinness Record Holder Back In The Spotlight


In a new book titled “Flowers for the Dead,” Author Barbara Copperthwaite pits her fictional protagonist “Adam” against our very own Cameron Dorn.

Cameron DornCameron Dorn, Lander Alum and Waterloo, SC native, broke the world record for burpees back in May 2014. Cameron Dorn, president of Suitcase of Courage, said at the time that he was motivated by a need. Not his, but the needs of school children – in Ware Shoals and Peru. Dorn said he became determined to raise $10,000 to help the children in need. His plan: he would do 10,000 burpees. This was a daunting challenge. Each burpee burns three calories. In fact, after 10,105, Cameron lost over 10 pounds in 24 hours. Cameron broke the burpee world record on May 17, 2014. And he raised over the $10,000 he sought to raise. Greenwood Calendar recorded the 24-hour video for Guinness World Records.


Author Barbara Copperthwaite has a little fun with Cameron Dorn. Check out this page from her book Flowers for the Dead.  Cameron was notified about this by a friend, and he and some of his friends had some fun with it on Cameron’s facebook page. Cameron’s friend Bob Chambers wrote, “If a serial killer breaks your Guinness world burpee record in complete silence and at home, did it really happen? I think not.”



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Red Bowl

Red Bowl