Ad Rates

GC logo 4    Greenwood Calendar Advertising Rates

Prepaid Year Contract: 15% discount

All contracts include social media package*


Banner Ads

Top Banner Ads (homepage)            $200/month

Footer Banner Ad (homepage)         $80/month

Interior Banner Ads (homepage)      $150/month


Homepage Sidebar Ads

Large Size                                          $150 Month

Small Size                                           $90 Month


Videos (prep, shoot, and post production)

Single video:                                      $200

3 videos in one year:                          $170 per video

4+ videos in a year:                            $150 per video


Page Ads (multiple pages available, such as Jobs, Polls, Contests, Restaurants, etc)

Sidebar large                                      $80/month

Sidebar small                                      $40


Sponsor a Video Series               $30 per video


Sponsor a Post                                  $25 per post


Sponsor Event (on Calendar)   $20 per event


Weekly Newsletter                        $50 per month




Banner                        728 X 90 pixels

Large sidebar             304 X 180 pixels

Small sidebar             304 X 90 pixels


Social Media Package

Advertising with Greenwood Calendar entitles you to the social media package. The social media package includes posting on your behalf on Facebook and Twitter up to once per week. This package also enable you to hold contests on Greenwood Calendar.



For more information, leave me a voice mail at 864-377-4585, and I’ll call you right back, or email me at


  1. Please tell me how to set up an account and post our events.
    Thank you!
    Denise Medford

    The Links at Stoney Point & Bermuda’s

    • Thanks so much for asking, Denise. The Register/Login tab had been invisible since the recent website makeover. Now, you can find it at the very top of the page. So, submit away!!

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